Life Insurance Newport Beach

Life Insurance Newport BeachAt Rootfin, our agents have access to over 50 different life insurance carriers. This allows our Newport Beach clients to take full advantage of using our independent agency to get the best rates possible.

Though normally we work with clients in the area over the phone, it is absolutely possible for you to come and visit us at our office locations in Orange County!

You have plenty of choices for life insurance in Newport Beach.  You can go down the 73, 405 or anywhere around John Wayne Airport and see the office building signs for Northwestern Mutual, MetLife, Guardian, New York Life, Pacific Life, Principal Financial and many others.  Newport Beach is littered with life insurance agencies.  All are great companies, but they are captive and can usually only offer their life insurance products.

Check out some of the life insurance companies we can use during your decision timeline.

We have a simple process:

  1. We’ll discuss your current health conditions over a phone call.
  2. We give you a quote summary showing rates with different types of plans and answer any questions and do further research you ask of us.
  3. We’ll leave you alone for a bit to give you time to figure out the direction you want to go. No hard sales pressure, and we’ll be around to give any advice you need.
  4. Ready to apply? We can help you with the application and set up the med exam for free.

I can guarantee that we will get you the lowest rates in Newport Beach, no matter the face value of the policy. If you’re looking for low cost burial insurance or high-quality $30,000,000 life insurance, we’re the agency for you.

Fill out our quick form on the right or our more detailed individual life insurance quote form and one of our experienced independent agents will call you to go over your options.

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is the owner of He's an independent life insurance agent who has helped 1,000's of consumers purchase life insurance online and over the phone.

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