About Rootfin

Rootfin is an independent life insurance agency. We aren’t married to any insurance companies and will offer the best option available, EVERY TIME. We have a simple philosophy:

We’ll earn your trust before we earn your business.

Our primary goal is to serve and educate our clients.

We’ve helped thousands of people get the best rates for their life insurance. We’re confident we’ll find the most competitive rates because we make sure we understand your health situation before we recommend the right carrier for your needs.

Founder – Rootfin

How do we secure the best life insurance rates?

Independent – We have access to all the top rated life insurance companies. We WILL find the lowest rate for which you qualify. The big term life agencies (Matrix Direct, Accuquote, SelectQuote etc.) only offer around 5-10 companies.

Proprietary Database – Since 2004, we’ve been keeping track of each life insurance company’s underwriting niches. Which means no matter what your health situation is, we’re confident we can find the company that will look most favorably at your individual health and lifestyle and give you the best rate.

Experience – You’re dealing with veteran independent life insurance agents. Save yourself the frustration of working with a call center agent who doesn’t have knowledge of the industry or freedom of companies to choose from. We will give honest advice and answers to all your questions. Let us earn your trust before we earn your business.

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Why choose us?

We know you can get your life insurance from any agency out there. Why choose Rootfin?

Service – Cliché, we know… but you’ll find that we actually deliver on this promise. Providing you with enough information to make an informed decision is just the start. We’ll keep you informed while in underwriting and continue to make sure you are getting the best rate after your policy is in force.

Impaired risk specialists – We’ve seen it all. If you have a health issue, fill out our impaired risk form or give us a call. Even if you’ve been declined for insurance before, let us work to get you an approval.

We don’t sell, we inform – You won’t hear an uncomfortable sales pitch, guaranteed. Just honest advice.

Reliability – We’ll be there for any service requests or questions you may have and won’t inconvenience you with any unwanted correspondence. Simply put, we’re there for you when you need us.

Confidentiality – Any information you share with us is private and confidential. We won’t ever share or sell your information.