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Take 5 minutes to review this article and know everything a consumer should know about buying no medical exam life insurance. We’ll go over:

Should You Consider A No Exam Policy?

If you’re looking for coverage fast and without the hassle of a medical exam or accessing your medical records, then a no exam life insurance policy may be right for you. Just note that typically you’ll be paying a little more for this convenience. So there is a bit of a trade-off.

We also suggest life insurance with no medical exam if you’re healthy and haven’t seen the doctor in the last few years. You never know what your next check-up will bring up – even common things like elevated cholesterol or blood pressure can raise your premiums above those of a no exam policy.

The best no medical exam policy will depend on YOUR unique risk since each company has different underwriting guidelines.

Let’s start with a list of the 6 best life insurance companies with no medical exam. There are also companies out there that will provide life insurance for diabetics with no medical exam.

Do you want a million dollar life insurance policy? We can find a plan you can afford.

You may also want to read some of our reviews such as with Zander Insurance before making a decision.

Please note that our instant quoter on the right won’t quote all of these companies (some companies don’t allow it), but will quote many of them.

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Coverage to $400K!

The 6 Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies

This list is based on the no medical exam life insurance policies that are getting the most attention from consumers.  In other words, they’re the lowest cost and/or accepting higher risks than the other companies.

Pay close attention to the top 3 companies as they seem to have the best offers on the market so far.

sagicor no physical life insurance

Sagicor Life Insurance Sage Term

Sagicor’s pricing has the competition beat in the no exam life insurance space at the moment, especially if you’re in great health.  They have a “Preferred” class that can’t be beat for no exam life insurance pricing wise.  Even their “Standard” is competitive with the rest of the market and they even have a “Rated” health classification for those with moderate health impairments.

They offer coverage for anyone ages 18-65 years old up to $399,999 without an exam.  If you want more than $399,999, they offer it but you have to take an exam.

Besides the pricing, we love how fast their approval time is – in most instances, we’ll know within 10 minutes to 1 hour It’s convenient in the fact that they have an e-signature platform so there’s absolutely NO paperwork.

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phoenix life safe harbor no exam term life insurance

Phoenix Life Safe Harbor Term

There isn’t another life insurance policy on the market like this one because Safe Harbor Term from Phoenix Life Insurance lets you access 95% your death benefit for any qualifying critical, chronic or terminal illness. In other words if you have a heart attack, stroke or cancer (among other qualifications), you can access 95% of your death benefit. This is life insurance you can use while you’re alive and a lot of people are purchasing this policy, including our entire office.

It is more expensive than other no exam life insurance companies, but not by much.  Here are the limits:

18-50  years old: $25k – $400k available, 10, 15, 20 and 30 year term available

51-60  years old: $25k-  $300k available, 10, 15, 20, 30 (up to age 55) year terms

61-70  years old: $25k-  $200k available, 10, 15, 20 (up to age 65) year terms available

71-80  years old: $25k-  $100k available, 10 year term only

On top of this, they take a lot of risks other no exam life insurance companies don’t. So if you have a health condition that’s not life threatening, you may still qualify for this policy.

This policy is convertible to a permanent life insurance policy.

Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

American National Insurance Company

ANICO hands down will have the best no exam life insurance rates if you’re a healthy non-smoker.  They will issue term life insurance coverage from $50,000 – $250,000 up to age 65 with no exam.

Like all no-exam life insurance companies (including the ones below), they check the MIB report, Motor Vehicle Report and your Pharmacy Report and usually make a decision within 3-5 business days.

What makes ANICO different from other no-exam life insurance carriers is if they don’t approve your policy, they will ask if they can retrieve your medical records instead of straight declining you for coverage.  Sure you’ll have to wait an extra 2-4 weeks, but you still won’t have to take an exam.

They have an online application we can complete over the phone.  For ANICO quotes, give us a call.

fidelity no physical permanent life insurance policies


Fidelity Life Insurance has 3 types of no medical exam life insurance policies. Each will give you a decision within 48 hours!

Rapid Decision Express (most popular): Term life insurance issued from ages 18-65. Coverage amounts from $25,000 to $250,000.

Senior Whole and Term Life Insurance: Term or whole life insurance from ages 50-70 (whole life goes to age 85). Coverage amounts from $10,000 to $150,000. Only partial coverage during the first 3 years, after 3 years you have full coverage.

foresters your term

Foresters Your Term Non-Med

Forests Your Term Non-Med life insurance will give you a decision within 10 minutes.  They take healthy to average risks.  It’s done through an eSignature platform and the application itself takes 20 minutes.

You can get up to $400,000 of life insurance on 10, 15, 20 and 30-year lengths.  The best part is living benefits are included – meaning if you get cancer, heart attack or stroke (among other qualifying conditions), you can access the death benefit to help you through those times.

Couple that with Foresters’ member benefits and it’s quickly become one of the best selling no medical exam carriers on the market.


Assurity Life Inusrance’s NonMed Term 350 is a no medical exam policy issued to ages 18-65 with coverage amounts from $50,000 – $350,000.

You can complete a phone application OR a paper application and a decision will be made within 14 days after being submitted to underwriting (usually around 10 business days). This is an agent-assisted application only and there is no apply online feature.

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To compare no exam life insurance quotes, fill out our quote request form on the right or CALL US AT (888) 430-7668

The list above is NOT a ranking – each of these 6 companies has their own strengths and we’ll recommend the life insurance company that will provide the lowest rates.

Other life insurance companies who have non-med products include American National (ANICO), Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, United Home Life and MetLife. In some instances we might recommend one of these companies because every one of these companies will look at your risk differently. Each of them has their underwriting strengths and weaknesses. It will all depend on your situation and the state you live in.

There’s a lot new no medical exam life insurance companies coming to market.  This section will be updated as new products hit the market if they make it into our top 7.

When Does a No Exam Policy Make Sense?

It is also worth pointing out that if your general state of health is good enough to allow you to qualify for a no medical exam type of policy, you may actually get a better policy with better premiums by applying for a life insurance policy that is underwritten in the traditional manner.

Sometimes, however, there are some situations where your best bet is looking at a no-exam policy:


If you have not seen a doctor in the last two years, you will be unaware of any possible underlying health problems. Although you may look and feel perfectly fine, you may have undetected high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides or glucose in your blood and any tests performed would cause these high levels to show.

Also if any tests were to be performed they could find out that there were other previously undetected medical problems which you were not aware off and which could ultimately prevent you from obtaining life insurance coverage. Those needing life insurance for diabetics may also find it easier to opt for a no medical exam policy. By obtaining a no medical exam type of life insurance policy first, you would have the total peace of mind that even if any problems were later detected, the policy would already be in place and your loved ones would be adequately financially covered.


A normal underwritten life insurance policy application can be time-consumin to complete and if you have a very busy and hectic lifestyle, you may simply not have enough free time to take a medical exam and go through a complete application process. You may simply want your loved ones are adequately financially provided for in the event of your death without having to complete numerous forms and undergo any medical tests and we are happy to quickly find a life insurance policy that will ensure this.


If you are genuinely afraid of needles or even doctors in general and don’t want to have any blood taken, you may be willing to pay more for a life insurance policy that can be obtained without you having to face this fear and put yourself through the trauma of dealing with it. You may feel that the higher price you have to pay may will more than offset the trauma and stress of visiting the doctor.


Because most SBA loans won’t allow the borrower to receive their money until there is life insurance in place, this is a perfect example of where no medical exam life insurance cover is a perfect choice as once it is in place it will ensure that you receive the funds. If you need immediate life insurance cover to secure the loan, then a no medical exam insurance policy is for you.

Qualifying for Term and Whole Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

Think of “no exam” life insurance as an umbrella. Under that umbrella you have guaranteed issue life insurance, graded death benefit life insurance, simplified issue life insurance and final expense life insurance.

Guaranteed issue life insurance has no health questions. If you fit within the age guidelines, everyone qualifies…but there’s a waiting period for benefits.

Graded death benefit life insurance has the same characteristics as “guaranteed issue” life insurance, except it has some questions and is typically less expensive.

Simplified issue term life insurance is term life insurance without an exam. They typically check your MIB report, pharmacy report and motor vehicle report. Coverage is immediate if you qualify

Final expense life insurance is usually smaller whole life insurance policies ($5k-$20k is typical amount). You have to qualify by answering health questions to get immediate coverage.

For a term life insurance policy with no medical exam, you have to be in good health.

We can obtain coverage for controlled diabetics, controlled high blood pressure, controlled cholesterol, mild asthma and other minor health issues with no exam.

However, those with moderate health issues may still qualify on a case by case basis.  We have been able to secure coverage for those with COPD, Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis with no medical exam, but there are other factors at play such as when you were diagnosed and how severe the condition is.

If you need to secure life insurance for a business and/or a loan as a requirement, we do have a special policy available if you’re uninsurable.  Most agencies don’t know about this product so if this is you, give us a call.

For small whole life policies with no exam, it’s a little different. These are often called Final Expense or Burial policies and there’s a lot of leniency in underwriting. Typically, these are $5,000-$25,000 of coverage and are guaranteed level for the rest of your life.

You can have some moderate health issues and still qualify for these no medical exam whole life insurance policies.

We can compare these policies for you as well.

What No Medical Exam Companies Check

Besides the questions on the application, life insurance companies will qualify you based on the results of these 3 bureaus:

1. MIB(Medical Information Bureau) operates a secure, industry-wide database where North American life and health insurance companies share information significant to an individuals health or longevity taken from prior applications for insurance and requisite underwriting investigations.

2. Motor Vehicle Report – You MVR is checked for DUIs, reckless driving tickets, suspended licenses and excessive moving violations.

3. Pharmacy Report – This is a database that lists all your prescription medications. So these life insurance companies will have outside sources help them in their decision to approve your application besides the answers on your application.

Important No Medical Exam Life wInsurance Tips

Be aware that you’re paying for the convenience of not taking a medical exam. No medical exam life insurance is more expensive than if you took the exam. It’s important to shop ALL your options.

If you’re in good/fair health, you can save money by taking a medical exam to qualify for life insurance. HOWEVER, there are instances when life insurance with no medical exam makes sense:

You need the insurance NOW and can’t wait 6 weeks for a traditional policy to make it through underwriting. This is typical for those who need life insurance to acquire an SBA loan, income stream advance, want something before they go on a vacation or just don’t have the time to go through the underwriting process

You haven’t been to the doctor in more than 2 years. You have no idea what could be on your medical exam lab work if you haven’t seen a doctor in over 2 years. Your cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose levels or anything they test for could be elevated and prevent you from obtaining coverage. Securing a no medical exam policy first, gives you the peace of mind that no matter what happens with your lab work, your family will be covered.

You’re scared of the needle. Many consumers buy no medical life insurance solely because they are afraid of needles.

If you’re in the market for life insurance with no medical exam, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll ask you a few health questions and recommend the cheapest no medical exam life insurance policy for your situation.


Although there are indeed many ways to look for no medical exam life insurance coverage, by far the best way to do this, is reaching out to an independent agent, such as us. Here at Rootfin, we provide life insurance coverage in 50 states and we have contracts with about 60 carriers.

As an independent and totally impartial company, we always recommend applying for life insurance coverage through the traditional route, we realize that there are sometimes situations where a no medical exam type of life insurance policy is the most sensible option.

Because no medical exam policies are going to be more expensive, it’s vital that you find the company with the lowest rates. There are hundreds of companies that offer these plans, you could spend hours talking on the phone to different agents, and that probably won’t be fun for you. Our job is to make this easy, so reach out to us and we’ll gladly do that research for you.

Because we are independent we are currently able to offer deals from all of the top rated no medical exam life insurance companies, these include: Fidelity Life Insurance, HSBC Household LifeAssurity LifeUnited Home Life, Foresters and RNA.

Yes, we even have no exam options for residents of New York.

How do you do this? Because we are an independent agency, we are able to easily compare all of the best deals and rates on offer and will present you with the most competitive quote for your particular circumstances. Please keep in mind that in order to qualify for this type of insurance, you must initially be in fairly good health, if you do have any underlying health problems, we will still be able to help you with one of our other types of policy and will offer you advice accordingly.

We offer all types of life insurance and we have a team of friendly, experienced life insurance agents always on hand who will be happy to discuss your needs in detail. They will ensure that the level of life insurance coverage you decide to purchase will not only adequately cover your needs and ensure financial peace of mind for your loved ones, but also that the premiums on the policy offered will be affordable.

At Rootfin, the service we provide is something we take great pride in, we listen to what our clients, are telling us and try very hard to build a lasting relationship with all of our current and prospective clients built on trust and a true understanding of each of their individual needs. We are absolutely confident that the deal we offer to you will the best and most competitive available.

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