United Home Life Insurance

United Home Life Insurance

Disclaimer:  We are not United Home Life Insurance.  We are an independent life insurance agency and this is our brutally honest United Home Life Insurance Review.

I’ll state this bluntly:

If you’re considering United Home Life for a life insurance policy, you can do MUCH better.

We used to represent United Home Life, but never saw a reason to ever use them.  Scratch that, they do have one very specific niche if you have dementia, but other than that you can do better elsewhere in every situation we’ve come across.

You’ll find a lot of great reviews from other life insurance agencies on the internet about United Home Life.  They’re very popular to sell because (1) they have an easy to understand application so even the newest agents to the industry can understand and sell them, (2) they pay great commissions and (3) they have annual sales trips that are among the lowest in the industry to qualify for.

So it’s no wonder that agents across the nation want to sell them and write glowing reviews around the net.  Of course you’ll get other life insurance agents that hop on board to push their products. Who wouldn’t want to go on a Mediterranean cruise and get paid high commissions for writing business with them?

Not us.  We believe in finding the best priced life insurance policy from all the top rated companies on the market.

At Rootfin, we’re committed to providing unbiased reviews even if they’re tough on the company.  Our reviews on companies like Zander Insurance or Primerica Life Insurance are also tough on the company, but we also have glowing reviews of dozens of life insurance companies that should give you some extra knowledge on carriers that might or might not fit you better.  So take the time to read through those as well.

Other life insurance companies with better financial ratings and lower rates are available. This has been the case with every single client we’ve worked with.

So just do yourself a favor and shop around.  It doesn’t have to be with us (though I think we’d be a great partner for you).

Every United Home Life policy we come across, we’ve been able to replace with less expensive options from higher rated companies.

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Overview of United Home Life Insurance

With our unbiased review out of the way, we’ll review the company and their product offerings.

United Home Life Insurance Company has been around since 1948 and currently carry an “A-” (excellent) rating with A.M. Best. They have also been known by the name United Farm Family Life.

United Home Life has final expense whole life insurance and term life insurance.

United Home Life Term Life Insurance

United Home Life has a portfolio of term products that do not require a medical exam, however if you compare the rates to other no exam products on the net, you’ll find that you can do much better when it comes to price.

The underwriting process on their term process doesn’t require you to to take a medical exam. So instead of a medical exam or bodily fluids testing, United Home Life will use a personal history interview over the phone to supplement your life insurance application.

They have this underwriting process on these products: Simple Term 20, Simple Term 30, Simple Term 20 with Return of Premium and Simple Term 20 DLX.  Notice that they don’t have a 10 or 15 year term.

However if you compare their no exam underwriting to other companies, they’re lacking. Many no exam term life insurance companies only have an online application with no phone interview required and a decision either instantly or within 24 hours and better rates.  Companies like Foresters and Sagicor to name a couple of them.

United Home Life Final Expense Life Insurance

United Home Life seems to specialize in final expense policies where premiums will remain the same for the life of the policy.  Like other final expense life insurance companies, your coverage cannot be cancelled as long as you’re making your premium payments.  Payments remain level for the rest of your life.

The United Home Life guaranteed issue life insurance product has no health questions, but is outrageously expensive.  There are a lot of guaranteed issue life insurance products that can provide a better rate.  And with guaranteed acceptance life insurance, it truly is a commodity – meaning if you can’t qualify for tradition final expense life insurance, go out and find the lowest price possible.

The United Home Life Express Issue Whole Life Insurance plan is their traditional final expense plans for those in good health and they also have a graded death benefit final expense plans for those in poor health.  And of course guaranteed issue.

However, nothing sets them apart from other companies.  In every instance we’ve run across (other than dementia), another company would offer a better life insurance rate.

Bottom Line

You’re likely reading this review article because it was recommended by your agent.  Remember what we mentioned at the beginning of this article about the high commissions, incentive trips and easy applications – that’s likely the reason you were recommended the company because there are much better options for both term life insurance and final expense life insurance.

Do your research and compare rates online. We’ll find you a better priced policy with a better company.

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