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Life insurance for 54 year old

Life Insurance for 54 Year Olds

Life insurance is a financial tool you can use to prevent your loved ones from having to deal with financial strain, unexpected costs, and more during their time of grief. When there is an unexpected death, it can be devastating, especially for a family who are not financially able to cover the expenses. If your […]

piggy bank. Saving money on life insurance

11 Ways You Can Save Money On Your Life Insurance

Life insurance is a big investment.  Over the course of a lifetime, a difference in monthly life insurance rates of even just a few dollars can add up to thousands of dollars. On top of that, life insurance protects your family.  While you may be able to find the best rates, you want to be […]

life insurance for people with ptsd

Getting Life Insurance With PTSD

Buying life insurance is not as much fun as Fourth of July fireworks but it is important for your family’s future.  If you suffer from a chronic medical condition such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), you may wonder how that will impact your ability to secure life insurance. Recent reports reveal around 20 million Americans […]

life insurance with high blood pressure

Top 5 Life Insurance Companies for People with High Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association, roughly one in three (78 million) American adults currently have high blood pressure. Though plenty of people with high blood pressure still live very long lives, the condition itself is statistically correlated with a shorter life expectancy. Consequently, the prevalence of high blood pressure in any given individual is […]

what is variable life insurance

What is Variable Life Insurance?

If you are searching for life insurance coverage, one question you will likely ask is, “what type of life insurance policy is right for me?” Let’s take a minute to answer this, and then shift to speaking strictly about variable life insurance. What Types of Life Insurance Are There? There are many different types of […]

life insurance for obese

What to Know About Life Insurance for the Obese Overweight People

Life insurance companies collect enormous mountains of data on the human lifespan. Everything from hazard rates of hobbies to BMI gets calculated into expected longevity. Life insurance companies employ statisticians that crunch all this data into mortality tables. It’s an extremely detailed system on how long someone will likely live with specific sets of characteristics. […]

AAA Life Insurance logo

AAA Life Insurance Company Review

Background and Information One of the easiest brands of life insurance to recognize, AAA Life Insurance has been part of the American Automobile Association (AAA) since 1969. Owned by several AAA entities, the organization is headquartered in Livonia, MI. The company offers term, whole, and universal life insurance as well as accident insurance and annuities. […]

Trustage life insurance logo

Trustage Life Insurance Review

In the United States, there are hundreds of different life insurance providers for consumers to choose from. Naturally, some life insurance providers will be more able to satisfy the needs of a given individual than others. The life insurance company that will make the most sense for you and your family will depend on your […]

bank of america life insurance

Bank of America Life Insurance Review

Bank of America started out as the Bank of Italy in 1904 in San Francisco. It offered banking services to immigrants and non-wealthy folks who otherwise had difficulty obtaining any banking services. This was a time when banking existed almost exclusively for the wealthy. After a series of mergers, it became Bank of America in […]


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zander insurance review

Zander Insurance Review

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Zander Insurance.  We are a direct competitor and this article is our review of Zander Life Insurance.  If you’re having trouble finding 3rd party reviews of Zander Insurance, our update at the bottom of this article will explain why. Before I get into my Zander Life Insurance review, let […]

Select Quote Reviews

Disclaimer:  We are NOT affiliated with SelectQuote.  We are a direct competitor and this is our review of SelectQuote life insurance services. Updated: May 2015 with more detailed information about SelectQuote’s operation. You’ve probably seen Select Quote advertising on TV or the radio. They’re all over the media and have become one of the most […]

no medical exam life insurance for

No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Diabetics!

Quick Tip: Choose “Regular” health class on the quoter on the side of this page and view rates on the next screen. If you’re a well controlled Type 2 diabetic diagnosed over age 50, you can qualify for the rates displayed. Otherwise, you can still get coverage (with no exam even) but it will be a […]

life insurance for 60 year olds

Best Life Insurance Options for 62 Year Old [Insider Guide]

Quick tip:  Instant life insurance quotes will be displayed immediately on the next screen by filling out the form on the right.   You’re close to retirement! Congratulations! It’s going to mean a lot of different changes. One of those is your life insurance needs. Most people think they don’t need life insurance when they […]

How Life Insurance Companies View Marijuana Smokers

(Marijuana underwriting guidelines below updated in October 2016.  Lots of favorable changes!) I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s hard to find life insurance when you smoke marijuana.  Some companies flat out decline, some companies charge you a lot and others seem too good to be true. It turns out it’s actually […]

SelectQuote Reviews

Best Place to Find Life Insurance for 46 Year Olds

Life insurance is a financial tool used to provide your beneficiaries with something when you are gone. There are plenty of reasons why someone at age 46 would need to consider purchasing a life insurance policy. Why You Need Life Insurance at 46 In your 40s you are in one of the best health brackets […]

life insurance trends

Life Insurance Trends In 2018

As the world changes and consumers become heavily digitized, there remains a noticeable gap between consumers and education about all things finance, especially life insurance. The more companies work to meet the demands of consumers and provide better access to information, the less people will be left in the dark, policy-less. For now, lets look […]

life insurance for 53 year olds

Life Insurance For 53 Year Old’s

At 53 years old, there are many reasons why you would still need life insurance. You might want to pay for estate taxes, prepare money for home care, give your children an inheritance, replace lost income, or cover your burial expenses. Reasons for Purchasing Life Insurance According to a consumer survey, there are many reasons […]