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Life Insurance Approval with Heart Issues

Can I Get Life Insurance With a Heart Condition? If you have a heart condition, or just want to look at quotes, fill out an Instant Quote form or speak to an agent today! A heart condition or heart attack used to result in an automatic decline for life insurance coverage. But not any more. […]

Mental Health

Applying for life insurance when you have a mental health disorder can certainly be more expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. We have written before on how to obtain life insurance at affordable rates, even if you have a mental health disorder. Have a look through our archive of mental health articles, and […]

Life Insurance For Smokers

Are you a smoker looking for life insurance quotes? We can help! Fill out a form to get an estimated quote, or talk to an agent today! Or click on one of the articles below that pertain to your smoking use: E-Cigarettes and Life Insurance: This article illustrates how insurance companies view electronic cigarette users, […]

Life Insurance With Diabetes

Life insurance for diabetics doesn’t need to be as difficult as it seems. There are still many options for affordable life insurance available to diabetics. We have a whole archive of helpful information for diabetics looking for life insurance, so you don’t have to go at it alone. Check towards the bottom for specific types, […]

Life Insurance In Your 60’s

While obtaining life insurance in your 60s is going to be more expensive than for people in their 40s or 50s, it is still possible to obtain affordable premiums. We have a whole archive full of information about obtaining life insurance after age 60 for you inform yourself on best practices. We suggest visiting the […]

Life Insurance With Cancer

If you’re a cancer survivor, trying to obtain life insurance can be very intimidating. It doesn’t have to be though, as long as you know how to address the issue with the insurance companies. We recommend looking through our archive of articles below, to help you learn more about the different options you have for […]

Life Insurance In Your 70’s

Life insurance in your 70s can be challenging but it’s by no means impossible. There are actually many more options available to people in their 70s which can even save them money. We have an archive of articles dedicated to helping people in their 70s get a policy that works for them. We suggest looking […]

How Hazardous Activities Affect Life Insurance

People who frequently partake in hazardous activities, whether for work or for pleasure will be seen much differently by insurance companies. Thankfully, most insurance companies still have options for people like that, as long as you know how to best utilize them. We suggest you have a look through our archive of articles for people […]

Life Insurance In Your 40’s

Obtaining life insurance in your 40s is still very affordable, and is a highly recommended time to start shopping for a policy. In our archives we have many articles and extensive reading which is relevant for anyone in their 40s who is looking for a life insurance policy. We suggest visiting the page that corresponds […]


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zander insurance review

Zander Insurance Review

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Zander Insurance.  We are a direct competitor and this article is our review of Zander Life Insurance.  If you’re having trouble finding 3rd party reviews of Zander Insurance, our update at the bottom of this article will explain why. Before I get into my Zander Life Insurance review, let […]

Select Quote Reviews

Disclaimer:  We are NOT affiliated with SelectQuote.  We are a direct competitor and this is our review of SelectQuote life insurance services. Updated: May 2015 with more detailed information about SelectQuote’s operation. You’ve probably seen Select Quote advertising on TV or the radio. They’re all over the media and have become one of the most […]

no medical exam life insurance for

No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Diabetics!

Quick Tip: Choose “Regular” health class on the quoter on the side of this page and view rates on the next screen. If you’re a well controlled Type 2 diabetic diagnosed over age 50, you can qualify for the rates displayed. Otherwise, you can still get coverage (with no exam even) but it will be a […]

life insurance for 60 year olds

Best Life Insurance Options for 62 Year Old [Insider Guide]

Quick tip:  Instant life insurance quotes will be displayed immediately on the next screen by filling out the form on the right.   You’re close to retirement! Congratulations! It’s going to mean a lot of different changes. One of those is your life insurance needs. Most people think they don’t need life insurance when they […]

How Life Insurance Companies View Marijuana Smokers

(Marijuana underwriting guidelines below updated in October 2016.  Lots of favorable changes!) I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s hard to find life insurance when you smoke marijuana.  Some companies flat out decline, some companies charge you a lot and others seem too good to be true. It turns out it’s actually […]

life insurance in your 30s

Guide to Life Insurance in Your 30s

Big decisions are being made and life is changing. Make a smart choice and get the protection you need at a price you can afford when you shop for life insurance in your 30s. The purpose of life insurance is to protect the ones you love from financial burden in the event of your death. […]

best annuity rates for man and wife

Finding the Best Annuity Rates

Annuities are not an altogether well-understood corner of the investment world. Most people have heard the term but know very little about what they are and how they work. We’re going to try to clear up some of the mystery of annuities, explain how they work, and describe the various types of annuities available. By […]

Life insurance for 54 year old

Life Insurance for 54 Year Olds

Life insurance is a financial tool you can use to prevent your loved ones from having to deal with financial strain, unexpected costs, and more during their time of grief. When there is an unexpected death, it can be devastating, especially for a family who are not financially able to cover the expenses. If your […]