Life Insurance Child Rider – Is It Worth It?

Getting life insurance for yourself or your spouse a no brainer.

What about getting insurance coverage for your kids?

Is it worth the money?

How much does it cost?

Where do you start to get this coverage?

Life insurance on your children is a sensitive subject. No one wants to even think about the untimely passing of their child.

However, your finances are the last thing you should worry about if such a thing were to happen and a life insurance child rider can give you some peace of mind.

The good news is adding a child rider to your life insurance policy is VERY inexpensive.

The biggest question we receive from consumers is regarding cost. Every company is different, but you can ballpark it at around $5 per $1,000 of coverage per year.

Here’s an example to work out this math:

Lets say you wanted a $10,000 child rider, that would cost you $50 ($5 x 10) per year or roughly $4 per month. A $20,000 would be around $100 ($5 x 20) or roughly $8 per month.

The most important piece of information consumers need to know about a life insurance child rider is the coverage is provided for every child in your family for the same price.

Life Insurance Child Rider

If you have 2 or more children under the age of 18, this child rider is a “no brainer”. For less than $10/mo., you can have $20,000 of coverage for ALL your children. Whether you have 1 child, or you’re Octomom with 8 children – it’s the same price.

We recommend adding a child rider to your life insurance policy if you have 2 or more children under the age of 18.

Child riders last until your children are a certain age, then it expires.  Depending on the company, it ranges from ages 21-25.  After your child rider expires, you have to buy an individual life insurance policy if you want to continue coverage.

Keep in mind, not all life insurance companies offer child riders, so make sure you’re working with someone who knows which companies offer them.

Call us today if you want a life insurance policy with a child rider. It’s very inexpensive and we’ll put you with the company that will offer the lowest life insurance rates WITH the child rider added. Most people assume a life insurance policy with a child rider is going to be twice as much as a traditional policy. This isn’t true. In most cases, adding a child rider will only cost you a couple of dollars more every month.

Having insurance protection is one of the most important things that you can do for your family. It will ensure that nobody is left with a massive amount of debt or final expenses. You never want to think about a loved ones passing away, but it’s important that you plan for the worse.

Getting Affordable Life Insurance Coverage

Adding a child rider is extremely inexpensive. It’s only going to cost you a couple extra dollars every month to add the additional protection.

Child riders are cheap, but the price of your life insurance policy can range wildly. You need to pin down a plan which gives you affordable protection.

Let’s discuss some ways you can secure cheaper life insurance. Unlike other companies out there, we don’t want to sell you expensive life insurance. Our one goal is to find you the cheapest plan which meets your needs.

Each company has different premiums for their life insurance and their child riders. If you choose the wrong company, you could spend thousands of dollars too much on your coverage and rider.

At Rootfit, we’ve built professional relationships with over 60 companies. Why try to become an insurance expert when you can work with one of ours for free. Why not partner with the people who work every day to get clients the best plan?

After you’ve called us, it’s time to put those cigs in the trash. Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco make your premiums shoot up. Smokers way an average of twice as much. This means there are a lot of companies who charge more than double for their protection. If you decide not to quit, make sure you find the cheapest life insurance for smokers.

Taking the Next Steps

Okay, you know how much life insurance and what kind you want to buy. Now you should pick up your phone and all our agents, or use the quote form on the side. By dialing a few numbers  or a few mouse clicks, you’re getting instant access to 60 life insurance quotes.

Can you see in the future? Probably not. You have no idea what tomorrow is going to hold, which means you should protect yourself against the unknown. Life insurance can’t stop anything awful from happening.

Go ahead and call us today. We make it so easy, you have no more excuse for not having life insurance coverage.

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