Life Insurance with BPH or Enlarged Prostate

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We speak with a lot of men that have an enlarged prostate, aka Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).  This article is to help this group on men find the absolute best life insurance coverage while suffering from BPH.

Before moving forward, if you’ve been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer or have elevated PSA’s, this article will be more helpful in your search.  We’re very aware that BPH drives up PSA levels so if you already have elevated PSA’s, please click over to that article.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is very common.  In 2010, up to 14 million men had symptoms of BPH and studies show that it affects over 50% of men between the ages of 50 and 60 years old.  Yet life insurance companies still give you a hard time about it.  With good reason too – it’s one of the early symptoms of prostate cancer.

Life Insurance with BPH – What To Expect

Lets cut to the chase.  If it’s been detected early and it doesn’t cause frequent and increasing symptoms of urine retention or pain…and prostate cancer hasn’t been diagnosed, Standard rates are available…with certain carriers.

If you’ve come to this article because you’ve received a substandard rate, then you probably used the wrong company.  Each life insurance company had different underwriting guidelines for BPH, so your rates will vary by the company you use.

Some men are probably thinking why Preferred rates aren’t available – well, it’s typically a precurser to eleveated PSA’s and Prostate Cancer.  Preferred rates are reserved for the best of the best.  It’s for those people who don’t have any health history or problems.  In other words, a “Standard” rating is what a normal person your age should receive and that’s the best case scenario under the circumstances discussed above.

Here are some things life insurance underwriters are looking for:

  • If you’ve experienced any symptoms like discomfort or pain.  Underwriters are looking at your doctor’s notes in your APS for this information.  They also want to look at how long you’ve been experiencing the discomfort and how you’re managing with it.
  • Regular checkups with your doctor or urologist.  They want to make sure you’re actively monitoring your prostate.
  • Other lifestyle choices, like smoking and exercising.  The combination of other lifestyle choices will factor into their decision.

So it’s important to discuss all of this with your life insurance agent before you apply.  We will us the information you give us to match you with a carrier that is more favorable towards your condition.

How To Get The Best Life Insurance Rates with BPH

Use an agent that has experience with working BPH cases.

We work with a lot of people who called one of the national call centers like GEICO,  SelectQuote or AIG Direct because they advertise on TV and are a household name.  Truth is, these places are high volume call centers staffed with agents used to processing a volume of applications.  It’s no wonder they’re paying more than they should be.

Having any health condition, even minor one’s like Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, require some extra research and extra work to get a favorable approval.

We typically get an tentative offer from a life insurance company before even applying , assuming you’re serious.  This takes some time to package up, send out and then wait for a response from an underwriter.

On top of that, we’ll draft a cover letter to submit your application.  We’ll “pitch” your BPH risk to an underwriter and paint your risk in the most favorable light possible.

In other words, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re getting the best rate available on the market.

If you’re interested in purchasing life insurance, we’d appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and business.  We will show you all of your options, so give us a shout if you need some personal direction or quickly get a quote by using the form on our website.


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