Life Insurance With Prostate Cancer History

life insurance with prostate cancerLets make one thing clear, looking for life insurance with prostate cancer history: VERY affordable life insurance rates are available IF you apply for coverage with the correct carrier.

In this article we will cover:

  • How PSA readings effect your life insurance
  • What an agent needs to know to assess your risk and secure the lowest life insurance rates.
  • How we find the lowest life insurance with a prostate cancer history or current elevated PSAs

Prostate Cancer Life Insurance PSA Readings

Most life insurance companies and personal physicians routinely include Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test results in their lab testings.  If you have elevated PSA’s, please read this section.  If your PSA’s are under control, skip down to the next section.

Really, the main thing you need to know is that there are a few top rated life insurance carriers that are more lenient than the rest of the industry when it comes to PSAs.  Many consumers find us after being declined and we find them affordable coverage just by knowing which companies are more progressive.

A minimal elevation of PSA levels are very common and little concern to underwriting with progressive life insurance carriers. “One-off” higher than normal PSA readings may could be short term inflammation in the gland. Even a sudden increase in sexual activity or physical fitness can lead to higher PSA’s and these progressive life insurance companies know this. Many life insurance agents don’t know this, which is why we consistently find great rates for people with prostate cancer or elevated PSA’s.

Here are some other PSA factors underwriters are looking for:

elevated psa and life insuranceAcceptable/Normal Life Insurance PSA Ranges based on Age:
(these are general numbers, every carrier is different)
Age 40-49 up to 3.0 ng/ml
Age 50-59 up to 4.0 ng/ml
Age 60-69 up to 5.0 ng/ml
Age 70+ up to 6.5 ng/ml

PSA Velocity:  This is the measure of PSA changes over time.  The faster the rise, the higher the velocity and the more cancer is suspected.  Generally, an increase in PSA levels greater than .75-1.00 ng/ml per year is of concern for life insurance underwriters, especially if it’s been happening for 2 years or more.

PSA Density:  This is the measure of total PSA in relation to prostate size.  A lower density is better.  This number is obtained by dividing the PSA by the size of the prostate gland from the ultrasound report.  A value greater than 0.20 will be of concern for life insurance underwriters.

***If this is all confusing, then stop here and reach out to one of our agents.  We’ll go through a short phone interview and sort this out for you.***

If you don’t know your numbers, that’s ok.   We can obtain your medical records (with your written consent) and after reviewing them, will advise you on the best company to go with.

Information Needed To Assess Your Risk

Here’s what we need to know in order to secure the best life insurance rates available:

  • Date of diagnosis
  • If cancer was diagnosed, what stage?
  • What is your Gleason Score?
  • How was it treated? (observation only, TURP, Prostatectomy, Radiation, Hormone Therapy etc)
  • Current PSA levels and appx date.  If rising, previous PSA levels and dates as well.
  • Current Medications

If an agent doesn’t ask for this information, they are guessing at your life insurance rates.  Our advice is to work with an agent or agency experienced in underwriting this risk.

With this information, we can survey our life insurance companies and suggest a company or two that check every box on your wishlist.

The Best Life Insurance Companies for Prostate Cancer

This is a question we’re asked a lot on the phone and it’s different for every prostate cancer risk. I can tell you that we’ve surveyed over 60 life insurance companies and there are 6 life insurance companies we consider when it comes to underwriting life insurance with prostate cancer.

We would list them here, but we don’t want to give away our trade secrets.  We would gladly disclose them over the phone if we get the opportunity to earn your business.

Why Choose Us for Securing Your Life Insurance with Prostate Cancer?

life insurance with prostate cancer historyIn our experience, there are the 2 main reasons we always find the most affordable life insurance rates with a prostate cancer history:

  1. We know how to present your Prostate Cancer risk to an underwriter in the favorable way possible. We know what the underwriters look for and “pitch” your risk to them as opposed to just sending them an application.
  2. Out of 100’s of life insurance companies to choose from, we know which top rated life insurance companies are giving the most favorable life insurance rates with prostate cancer.

If you have a prostate cancer history or elevated PSA’s and are in the market for life insurance, please don’t hesitate to fill out our form or give a call.  Remember, we work on behalf of YOU and not any life insurance company.

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