Life Insurance with Autism and Aspergers – What To Expect

Are you or a loved one looking for life insurance with Autism or Aspergers disorder? Look no further, we can help if you fall within a certain demographic which we’ll cover below.

We here at Rootfin have years of experience helping people with Autism and Aspergers obtain life insurance at rates they can actually afford. We don’t feel that a disorder should be a reason that prices people out of obtaining life insurance – it’s all about finding the right company who can work with your specific condition.

Both Autism and Aspergers’ are Pervasive Development Disorders (PDD), both marked by impaired social interaction with others. Both also exhibit restrictive behaviors in relation to activities or interests. The difference however, is that people with Autism tend to have higher intellectual disabilities, while the intellectual ability is typically normal with Aspergers’ patients.

When applying for life insurance with Autism or Aspergers, you will have to go through a more lengthy underwriting process, compared to what the average person would normally have to go through. Some of the questions you might be asked about include:

• Is cerebral palsy present?
• Is there a history of seizures?
• Are ADL’s (daily living activities) appropriate for age?

Bear in mind, depending on the underwriter you are working with, there may be many more questions that get asked, but those are the more common questions that are asked of people who are applying for life insurance with Autism or Aspergers.

The good news is, having Autism or Aspergers’, unlike some of the other PDDs out there won’t cause you to be automatically declined in any circumstance. You will always be given a fair chance to go through the underwriting process, whereas some other PDD-afflicted applicants will be denied immediately due to the severity of their condition.

If there is no cerebral palsy present and there is no history of seizures, then you will be viewed more favorably by your underwriter. Also, if the applicant is at an age-appropriate level with their ADL’s, they also will be viewed favorably.

This means that adults with Autism or Aspergers’ should be able to take care of their daily hygiene routine 100% on their own. If adults still need assistance with these tasks in any way, then they won’t qualify for being age appropriate with their ADL’s.

Another important thing to consider, is that different insurance companies have different ways of looking at your condition. Our job is to help you get in contact with the companies that have experience working with people who have your condition and can still see you favorably despite your situation.

Lots of our clients have gone to a company like SelectQuote or Xander Insurance only to find that they received expensive rates or even declined.  Truth is these companies are staffed by washed up life insurance agents or brand new life insurance that don’t have the experience and knowledge it takes to work higher risk cases.

So if you’ve been applying for life insurance but been getting rates that are way too high wherever you turn, it’s time to stop discouraging yourself. Contact us and let us find the perfect company for you – the one that will give you a life insurance policy but won’t break the bank in the process.

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Tammy Barnhill

I’m looking for life insurance for my son who found out that he has ASD at age 19 is now healthier than he has ever been learning disabilities and social issues are being treated. He is doing great and I am sooo proud of him. He is now about to finish 2nd year of college. I can’t seem to find life insurance for him which is important because funeral homes won’t release the bodies to have a service without being paid up front. Our church has been raising funds for families to pay to get their family members 🙁 so now i’m looking for life ins so we won’t have this problem if ever needed. thanks for your time

October 14, 2014 at 11:38 am
Jeff Root

Hi Tammy,

We’ve been in contact and I’m happy that we’re able to help you.

October 14, 2014 at 1:14 pm
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