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This article will detail our experience with anxiety and helping people with anxiety.

If you have anxiety, you will be familiar with the unexplained symptoms of nervousness and feelings of panic it can bring. Although anxiety and depression are not the same, and not everyone who is anxious is also depressed, their symptoms are similar.

Ultimately both disorders can prevent a person from leading a normal life; they may be unable to work or maintain a relationship and sometimes are even unable to leave their house.

Both disorders are often treated in the same way and anxiety is becoming a more and more common disorder. You may just feel a bit down and find that you no longer enjoy the things that used to make you feel good, such as sharing family time or reading and that you don’t feel loved. It can then be a big worry trying to get suitable life insurance coverage, because you fear the premiums will be big.

Because anxiety is linked to depression and your general mental health, doctors often prescribe medication to try and combat this and this must be stated on any insurance application. This can then sometimes be an issue when applying for life insurance coverage.

There are many forms of anxiety and even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is now classed as a type of anxiety, however, today there are many life insurance options available for suffers of all conditions related to anxiety and there is certain to be a product that is suited to your particular circumstances.

Life Insurance with Anxiety – Underwriting Protocols

As you must appreciate, every insurance company has underwriting protocols that they are obliged to follow to minimize the risk to their company and also provide a suitable level of life insurance coverage for you.

A lot depends on why you are just a little anxious or actually depressed and the degree of severity. If it is due to the unexpected death of a loved one, sudden loss of a job or even a major life event, these are single events and different to long term anxiety and depression.

If this is the case you may well get offered Preferred Plus rates, normally however, most insurance companies only tend to offer Regular or Standard Rates. If you are taking any medication, whether prescribed or not, to combat anxiety or depression, this can also affect your application for life insurance and may increase the rate offered.

The questions you are asked and the answers you give will enable the underwriters to evaluate your risk better and a lot depends on how well controlled your anxiety and depression is.

If you have been diagnosed with depression, but are generally in good health, taking anti-depressants, your depression is mild and well controlled and you have not attempted to commit suicide or had thoughts of suicide, you will get approval for a more favorable quote. Remember that your medical records are often checked to validate this, so be sure that you are truthful when filling out the application.

There are companies who offer life insurance for high risk individuals so don’t let that stop you from getting the coverage you deserve.

What questions might I be asked?

There are many factors to be taken into account when applying for life insurance coverage with anxiety and the insurance underwriters will ask you most if not all of the following:

  • When were you first diagnosed with anxiety?
  • Are there any specific reasons for your anxiety or depression, have you had a sudden unexpected bereavement or job loss?
  • What is the exact diagnosis of your disorder, are you classed as just having a panic disorder or suffering general anxiety; are you mildly depressed, or classed as having major depression, or a disorder such as bipolar disorder, or post traumatic stress disorder?
  • What type of treatment or medication you are taking and whether it has been prescribed by your doctor?  Also, the length of time you have been taking the medication for.
  • Whether you have ever undergone electro-convulsive therapy, had to go to the emergency room or had to be hospitalized or institutionalized, also whether you have ever been on disability due to your anxiety or depression.
  • Have you had any past history of alcohol or substance abuse?  Any DUI’s?
  • You may also be asked whether or not you have previously been refused any kind of life insurance coverage

Applying for life insurance coverage online

Most people researching life insurance with anxiety online ask us if there’s a way to apply online.  You can’t actually apply for coverage online without speaking with an agent.  I know it’s not convenient, but you must be assisted by a licensed life insurance agent in order to secure coverage.

Our suggestion is to look at quotes on our website.  If you have mild anxiety, you can look at “Preferred” rates.  If you have some anxiety issues that prevent you from working or being in certain situations, then look at “Standard” rates (also called “Regular”).

If you see any quotes you like, click the apply button and we’ll set everything up for you.

Protect your loved ones

Whilst having anxiety and/or depression can increase the amount of life insurance premium you have to pay, it will not stop you from obtaining it. As with any type of insurance, it pays to shop around and look at quotes from several companies, as there is sure to be suitable and affordable coverage available.

It is very important to remember that life insurance coverage is a means of protecting the finances of your loved ones and ensuring that in the event of an accident, a serious illness or ultimately, your death, the standard of life you want them to have will be maintained and enjoyed.

Knowing that you have suitable life insurance coverage in place will help to reduce your stress and anxiety levels and you will be both grateful and thankful that you took the time to ensure the financial well-being of your loved ones.

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