ING Reliastar Term Life Insurance Review

ING Reliastar Term Life Insurance ReviewUPDATE:  ING Reliastar has changed their name to VOYA Financial.

Same products, different name.

ING is one of the most recognized names in the financial world.  However, their life insurance company, Reliastar, isn’t as big of name and most consumers ask us for more information about them.  So this is our ING Reliastar Term Life Insurance Review.

First off, Reliastar is a subsidiary of ING.  They are their own life insurance company.  ING is the parent company.

With that said, ING Reliastar is one of the biggest life insurance companies in the US.  They have over 14,000,000 customers in the US and carry an AM Best rating of A+.  AM Best is the industry benchmark for financial strength in the life insurance industry – so feel confident in ING Reliastar’s financial strength.

With those “feel good” statistics out of the way, here’s the top 5 reasons why we recommend ING Reliastar Term Life Insurance:

1. Preferred rates for diabetics.

Seriously.  If you’re over the age of 60 and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes less than 5 years ago and have it under control with medications – you can qualify for preferred rates assuming no other health issues and you can meet all other Preferred critera. 

That’s right – ING Reliastar can offer preferred rates for diabetics.  No other company is offering preferred rates to ANY diabetic. 

If you have diabetes and don’t fall within this category, check out our Life Insurance for Diabetics page.

2.  Total Cholesterol up through 300 is eligible for Preferred Plus rates.

As long as your ratio’s are below 5.0 (male) and 4.5 (female), you can qualify for the best rate class available.  This is the most aggressive on the market.  Anyone with a high total cholesterol should consider ING Reliastar as an option.

3.  The occasional cigar smoker may qualify for non-smoker rates.

If you smoke less than 52 cigars per year.  You can qualify for preferred rates.  You must admit your use on the application and your medical exam must be negative for nicotine and cotinine.  If you smoke more than 1 cigar a week, check out our article Affordable Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers.

4.  Family history of cancer is NOT considered in evaluating your risk for Preferred rates.

The majority of life insurance companies will start you off at “Standard” or a “Standard Plus” health classification. ING will offer preferred rates, IF you can qualify for preferred rates overall.  They are 1 of 2 companies that will offer this.

5.  Unisex build (height and weight) charts are very aggressive for women and “Preferred” rates.

Typically there are 2 different build charts.  One for males and one for females.  At the same height for a male and female – male’s usually have a higher weight threshold.  So a unisex build chart from ING really favors females,  mostly at the “Preferred” health classification.
Every life insurance company looks at your health differently and each company has their underwriting niches.  Above are the top 5 reasons where we recommend ING Reliastar term life insurance.

ING Reliastar term life insurance is competitive in pricing in other areas as well.  They are often the lowest life insurance rates compared to the rest of the market without being in any of those categories above.  Run an instant life insurance quote on our website to see how ING stacks up to other carriers on the market.

Our ING Reliastar term life insurance review is a positive one.  If it makes sense to recommend them, we have no hesitation in doing so. 

If you’re curious if ING Reliastar is the right company for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us or run instant life insurance quotes on our website. 

We’re an independent life insurance agency with access to over 60 life insurance carriers – we’ll always recommend the lowest priced term life insurance available for your unique situation.

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