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You probably already know the basics of shopping for life insurance: compare multiple quotes, work with an independent agent to get the best prices tailored to you, and know the amount of the policy you need up front.

What you may not pay attention to, however, is how important life insurance reviews are when shopping for a policy.

Life Insurance Company and Agency Reviews

The Truth About The Medical Information Bureau: The article reviews how life insurance companies use the MIB, how the MIB works, and why the MIB is a valuable tool to use when applying for life insurance.

Insquik Life Insurance Review: Details and a review of SBLI’s Insquick agentless and no medical exam product.

Select Quote Review: This article lists the pros and cons of working with Select Quote, as well as fact about the company.

Policy Genius Review: This article addresses who should buy life insurance through Policy Genius, who shouldn’t and why.

AIG Direct Review: Learn more about who AIG Direct is, and why they may or may not be the right company for your needs.

Geico Review: A review of Geico’s life insurance options, and why using an independent agent may be a better choice.

Zander Insurance Review: Are you interested in finding out more about Zander, or have you been declined after applying for a life insurance policy with Zander? Read this review to find out more information about the company.

Wells Fargo: This article explains, in detail, Wells Fargo’s Simplified Term Life Insurance option, and tell you why you may be better off shopping elsewhere for your term life insurance policy.

AARP Life Insurance: Learn a brief history of AARP Life Insurance, and get more detailed information about the company’s term and guaranteed acceptance policies.

AICPA Life Insurance: Get a better understand of how AICPA life insurance cash refund policy, AICPA rates compared to other life insurance policies, as well as details on the advantages and disadvantages to using this company.

Matrix Direct Life Insurance: If you’ve seen Matrix Direct commercials and are drawn to their promise of cheap life insurance, this article will explain a little more about the company and whether it’s right for you.

Globe Life Insurance: Consider the facts before purchasing a life insurance policy with Globe.

State Farm Life Insurance: This article explains the underwriting process State Farm uses when rating its clients, and compares State Farm’s quotes to quotes from other companies.

Farmer’s Life Insurance: Farmer’s may be a household name, but you may not get the best rates possible through their company. This article explains why.

PrimeAmerica Term Life Review: Make sure you get the facts about PrimeAmerica before buying their term life package.

We live in a time where all of our thoughts and feelings can be quickly shared at the touch of a button, for the whole world to see. Social media can be a powerful consumer tool, and can help you and your agent find the right company to work for you.

What if You’re Healthy…But Your Insurer Isn’t?

Say you purchase life insurance independently from Company A. Company A seems solid, and they offered you a great price on your 20 year term life insurance coverage.

What happens if Company A isn’t on as solid ground as they’d like you think? What if they fold? What happens to your policy and your family’s protection if that happens?

Paying attention to the financial strength of an insurance institution is very important. If a company cannot insure itself against hardship, you won’t be able to trust that it can insure your family in their time of need.

In most cases, if your insurer goes under, your benefits may be protected up to $300,000.

This isn’t usually a problem if you have a term life insurance policy. But it can be trouble if you’ve invested your money in larger whole life policies., or policies with larger benefits.

You might just find yourself out in the cold.

Online sources, such as Moody’s and A.M. Best, are excellent tools for reviewing the financial strength of a company. These tools use a grading system to rate insurance companies; any company with an “A” is considered to be financially stable.

While paying attention to a company’s financial strength ratings is beneficial, it doesn’t always tell the whole truth. Some companies pay for better financial strength ratings, misleading you into thinking that you’re working with a solid company.

The good news is that there are other tools that you can use to help gauge whether an insurance company is trustworthy.

Insurance Company Consumer Reports

Have you ever read reviews of a restaurant before going out to eat?

Customer reviews are important when considering what to buy, where to go, and what to use.

Just as you wouldn’t go to a restaurant if every reviewer said they got food poisoning, you wouldn’t buy life insurance without looking at consumer reports first.

Consumer reports are a series or reports providing details and pros and cons of goods and services used by consumers, and they can be instrumental to choosing the right life insurance.

Most life insurance companies offer a variety of policy options. Life insurance reviews and consumer reports will cover these options, letting you know which companies provide excellent service, and which are less than satisfactory.

These reviews can also help you find a company specializing in the type of life insurance you need, such as whole life insurance or life insurance for high risk clients.

While consumer reports and customer satisfaction tell a lot about a company, there is one tool every insurance buyer should have in their arsenal: an independent insurance agent.

How an Independent Agent Can Help

Your best bet for assuring that the life insurance company you choose to work with is reputable is finding an independent agent.

Because independent agents work with a multitude of carriers, they have their finger on the pulse of the financial strength of these insurance companies. An independent agent is not going to work with a carrier who has had poor reviews, multiple consumer complaints, or a weak financial base.

An independent agent can help you understand the pros and cons of a variety of life insurance services, and will divulge these trade secrets to you. These brokers know that, just because certain policies have worked for others, doesn’t mean they are right for you.

For example, if you’ve read rave reviews about a life insurance policy that doesn’t require a medical exam for coverage, you might want to think twice before jumping on that deal. Your agent may tell you that, if you are a healthy individual, you may be able to get better rates and more coverage by undergoing a medical exam.

Independent brokers don’t have allegiance to one company in particular; rather, their allegiance is to you and your needs. Your independent insurance representative is working hard for you, to ensure that you are getting what you need from your insurance carrier.

Your best bet is to shop around, and shopping around is a lengthy process. You may not always get the best deals up front, or know what to look for in a reputable company. An independent insurance agent is a valuable tool to help you obtain affordable coverage that works for you.

Still Need Proof?

Interested in working with an independent agent, but still need proof that they work for you? We can help!

We have reviewed several top life insurance companies for you, helping you get the best information possible. You can also talk directly to one of our knowledgeable agents; they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let us take the hard work out of buying life insurance.

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