MetLife Insurance Reviews

MetLife Insurance Reviews

Over 140 years after opening its doors, MetLife continues to be a worldwide leader in life insurance, annuities and employee benefits programs. MetLife insurance reviews and ratings position the company as one of the best in the business with the parent company and its subsidiaries achieving “A+” (superior) ratings with AM Best.

MetLife insurance started selling policies March 24, 1868. What began as a company serving the citizens of New York State has now grown into a global provider of insurance serving 90 million customers in over 50 countries.

In 1879, MetLife recognized a need for “industrial” or “workingmen’s” insurance and became the first insurance company in the United States to provide coverage to these individuals and their families. Today, MetLife Insurance reviews show that the company continues to hold a strong position in the insurance industry by focusing on innovation, social responsibility, integrity, financial strength and leadership.

There are those companies out there that are not as aggressive as MetLife, so you will probably want to make sure and do your research. We work with companies who sell no exam life insurance policies. Regardless of the type you’re looking for, we can help.

While a no exam plan sounds like a great option on the surface, there are several disadvantages and drawbacks.

With a no exam policy, you’re going to pay more for your life insurance coverage versus if you applied for a traditional insurance plan. No exam means more risk to the company, and it’s going to translate to higher premiums.

The other main disadvantage is that you’re going to be limited to how much coverage that you can purchase. With a MetLife Rapid Term Life Insurance policy, you will have to answer a few simple health questions and then you can get approved for up to $500,000 of coverage. For most families, that won’t be nearly enough insurance.

Before you make your final life insurance purchase decision though, we recommend looking into some other company reviews as well, such as our reviews on Zander Insurance, Primerica Life Insurance and United Home.

Our MetLife Insurance Review

MetLife is getting very aggressive with their underwriting guidelines in many risks like epilepsy and diabetes. This is allowing them to be very competitive in many instances without cutting their rates.

And speaking of rates, MetLife’s term life prices continue to be higher than most insurance carriers on the market. However, we recommend that our clients not compare insurance providers based on rates only. Reviews of Met Life continue to show that company has outstanding customer service and strong financial ratings. Those factors along with aggressive underwriting make MetLife an excellent choice for many of our clients.

Also, for individuals looking to insure a child or children, then MetLife is an excellent choice. They offer great whole life policies for children. These policies provide lifelong protection as well as guaranteed premiums, death benefits and future insurability options.

Working with MetLife over the years has been a good experience for us, as well as with our customers.  If they are the right company for your risk or situation, our agents would not hesitate recommending MetLife as your insurance provider. We know, from past experience and from reviews of MetLife by our agents and customers, that they will provide you with an excellent product and excellent customer service even to the point of there being a MetLife and Wal-Mart partnership.

Here at Rootfin, we consider MetLife to be one of our 10 best life insurance companies available. Contact us for quotes or for any questions about MetLife or any other top company that could better fit your needs.

Why Choose Us To Represent You With MetLife?

MetLifeSnoopyRootfin works hard to provide you with the best customer experience and find you the best rates available for your life insurance needs. Our agents are experienced and trained to both serve and educate our customers.

No matter what your situation or if you have been declined for insurance before, we will work diligently to find you the right coverage for the right price. At Rootfin, we are confident that once you work with our agents, you will never work with anyone else.

How do You Know Which Plan to Buy

We get a lot of questions about deciding which kind of insurance policy they should buy. It can be a tricky choice, but it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s walk you through some of the decisions you’ll have to make. Picking a company is only one of those choices, and it’s not even one of the most important.

The most important choice is deciding to size of plan. Regardless of the carrier, you want to make sure your family will have the proper amount of protection. To do this, you need to know why you’re buying life insurance.

Do you want a policy which will pay off your mortgage? Do you need to replace your paycheck? These are the questions you’ll have to answer before you can buy a policy. If you buy a life insurance plan with no goal in mind, you may not buy a large enough policy.

Okay, now you know how much life insurance you need, but do you know HOW LONG you’ll need life insurance? When talking about the duration of your coverage, you have a ton of options.

You can buy a term policy which lasts anywhere from 2 years to 30 years. That’s a big range gap. What if 30 years isn’t long enough for you?

Then look at whole life insurance. It doesn’t take a genius to decipher these plans. They are permanent, they last your “whole life.” This plans allow you and your family to be protected until you reach the maximum age limit of the carrier.

After you know how much life insurance and how long you need the plan, then you can decide on the company. Metlife is only one of the carriers out there. There are thousands of options.

Need help? Have questions? Let us know!

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