Medical Marijuana and Life Insurance

So you’re in the market for life insurance and medical marijuana is a concern of yours. Lets cut to the chase.

We’ve been helping medical marijuana users secure life insurance coverage since it became legalized by prescription. We’ve been featured in Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch (article link) as an expert in this subject and help people every day from across the nation secure life insurance with medical marijuana cards.

Even though we represent over 60 life insurance companies, we’re sending all our medical marijuana users over to Prudential.

Why are they getting all of our medical marijuana business? Because they’ll offer their best health classification, “preferred best” AND give you non-smoker rates.

The key point here is the “non-smoker” classification. Smokers pay more than double for life insurance. Securing non-smoker rates will cut your premium in half by 50% just by using them.  (Of course, if you smoke cigarettes, dip/chew tobacco, or use any other drug, then we’ll have to factor that in)

Prudential underwriting doesn’t mind if you have thc or cannabis in your system for the paramedical, as long as you have a prescription and as long as you admit it on your application.

So here’s the catch. Prudential will ask why you were prescribed the marijuana and give their health classification based on your answer.  In other words, what condition do you have that you were able to qualify for a medical marijuana card?

We’ve seen “preferred best” given to those who use medical marijuana for anxiety and insomnia. Those who use medicinal marijuana for pain will be classified as “Standard” or “Sub-Standard” rates depending on the severity.

Below are a couple important tips when applying for life insurance with medicinal marijuana use:

  • Disclose your marijuana use to your agent. Don’t try to hide it, there’s no need to.  Your medical marijuana use has to be admitted on the application in order to get the rates we mention above.   
  • Use a life insurance agency experienced with helping medicinal marijuana users. Applying to the wrong carrier could result in a decline or very expensive rates.  It matters which company you apply to.
  • If you’ve been declined for life insurance because of your pot use in the past, don’t worry about it.  It won’t effect your new application because of the way we present your risk to the underwriter.
  • It doesn’t matter how you ingest the marijuana – you could smoke it, use a vaporizer or swallow it etc.  It won’t matter to the Prudential underwriter – you still qualify for non smoker rates.

Our expertise in securing life insurance for our medical marijuana applicants is second to none.  We know this market inside and out and it always results in the lowest life insurance rates available.

We encourage you to run some instant quotes on our website (check “no” for smoking) and look at Prudential’s quote.  If you’re interested in those rates request an application. 

Just know that we don’t ask for any premium up front.  You don’t make your first payment until you’re approved at the rates you’re comfortable with.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions

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