(Marijuana underwriting guidelines below updated in October 2016.  Lots of favorable changes!)

I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s hard to find life insurance when you smoke marijuana.  Some companies flat out decline, some companies charge you a lot and others seem too good to be true.

It turns out it’s actually REALLY easy to find the best life insurance company if you’re a marijuana user.

This article will cover how some of the top life insurance companies view marijuana smokers.

Life insurance for marijuana smokers comes down to your specific use and fitting that into a life insurance company’s underwriting.

There are a few misconceptions about how marijuana users view life insurance.  Just know that marijuana use DOES NOT disqualify you from purchasing life insurance.  In fact, most life insurance companies will insure you.

Before we start, if you’re a medical marijuana user (you have a marijuana prescription) looking for life insurance, please click over to this article.  There’s a company that will give you preferred plus “non-smoker” life insurance rates.

At Rootfin, we’ve helped hundreds of pot smokers secure life insurance at affordable rates.  How are we able to do this?  Easy…we simply did our homework.  We know how every carrier looks at marijuana smoking.

With that knowledge, all we need to do is ask questions regarding your use of marijuana combined with any other health issues,  then we will find a carrier which could possibly be a company that offers no medical exam life insurance.

The key in finding the most affordable rates (whether you smoke marijuana frequently or occasionally) is getting you NON-SMOKER rates.  Smoker rates will more than double your premium. 

Here are some of our findings (pay special attention to the italicized “Non Smoker”):

AIG (formerly American General): If you smoke 2 times a year or less, you can get Preferred Best Non Smoker rates.  If you smoke 2 times per month or less, you’re at Standard Non Smoker.  If you smoke more than 2 times per month, you’re considered a smoker with a possibility of a table rating.  You CANNOT show THC on your labs.

Legal and Geberal (formerly Banner Life):  Occasional use will be Standard Smoker.  Daily use will start at a substandard Table B Smoker rate.

Fidelity Standard Smoker if there is any use in the past 12 months.

Voya (Formally 
ING Reliastar): IF you’re over age 26 and smoke 2 times or less per month, you can get Standard Non-Smoker rates.  If you smoke 2-4 times per month and over age 26, you’re at Standard Non-Smoker Table 8 rates.  If you smoke 1-4 times per week, you’re at Table 8 Smoker.  Under age 26 and if you smoke more than 4x per week, you’ll be declined.

Lincoln National: 1 time per month and you can get preferred plus non-smoker rates.  1-2 times per week is preferred non-tobacco.  3-4 times per week is Standard to Table 2 non-tobacco.  4-6 times per week is Table 2 to Table 4 non-tobacco.  If you smoke daily, it’s a decline.  You CANNOT show THC on your labs

MetLife:  1-4 times per week is preferred non-tobacco!  IF you smoke daily it’s Table 4-Table 8 non-tobacco rates.  You CANNOT show THC on your labs.

Mutual of Omaha: 3 times per month or less per month is standard non-tobacco. 4-8 times per month will be rated and a case by case basis.  More than 8 times per month is individual consideration to decline.  THC on labs must match admitted usage.

Minnesota Life: Occasional and recreational use of at Preferred Non Smoker, but you have to test negative on your labs.  If they find THC in your system, it’s a Smoker Table 3 rating.

Protective: Standard Smoker at best for any amount.  Could be substandard or decline depending on usage and if recreational or medical.

Prudential– For marijuana use up to 2 times per month and a negative lab result, you can qualify for Standard Plus Non Smoker.  For use up to 4 times per week, it will be a Substandard Table B Non Smoker (can be positive on labs).  Over 4 times per week is a decline.

Transamerica – Standard non-smoker rates if you smoke less than 12 times per year.  13 or more times per year and you’re Standard smoker rates.

For a more updated list of life insurance companies and how they view marijuana smokers, go here.

These are just some of the tons of carriers we represent.  As you can see, it’s about fitting your marijuana use into the life insurance company’s underwriting guidelines.

First you want to find out if any life insurance company will give you “non-smoker” rates and then you want to compare those rates from each company.

This is why we help marijuana users avoid companies like Prime America, which only works with term life insurance for people who have good health and no potential adverse habits. Contact us especially if you’re looking to get a larger policy such as a million dollar insurance policy, we at Rootfin can help you look into all of your options!

If you’re a marijuana user and your life insurance agent hasn’t done the research we have, call one of our agents or fill out the form.  We’ll find the best rate you can qualify for.

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is the owner of rootfin.com. He's an independent life insurance agent who has helped 1,000's of consumers purchase life insurance online and over the phone.

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Steven Golden

This article has been tremendously helpful, if you can further help me with my research I will be forever grateful. I am opening a policy at Penn Mutual Insurance, and was told they only check for nicotine and cocaine during the underwriting process when testing. Is this possible or have I received wrong information?

Thank you.

April 2, 2012 at 12:33 pm
Celia R

I am also applying for Penn Mutual (like Steve above.) I am wondering if maybe I need to wait a little bit until I do more research on the subject. Any information is extremely helpful!!

March 21, 2013 at 11:58 pm

Good stuff, Jeff! I have a client in Maui who is a card carrying biz owner. Challenging in the he smokes cigs as well. Will place it with Mutual of Omaha. Aloha…

May 13, 2016 at 5:06 am
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