Life Insurance with Bundle Branch Block

This article is for those searching for life insurance with Bundle Branch Block as a pre-existing condition.

If you’re looking for instant life insurance quotes and your Bundle Branch Block is mild, choose “regular” on the instant quote form to see rates.  If your risk is a little more complicated, keep reading below.

We have years of experience helping people with Bundle Branch Blocks (BBB) obtain life insurance policies at rates they can actually afford – and we’ll go over what it takes to get affordable rates in this article.

There are many causes of BBB, but the most common one is coronary artery disease (50%). Other causes include cardiomyopathy, hypertension, tumors, fibrosis (scarring) of the conduction fibers, congenital lesions, trauma, and aortic stenosis. However, BBB can also occur in a heart that has no obvious abnormalities.  Life insurance underwriters will factor in these underlying causes as well.

For people applying for life insurance with Bundle Branch Blocks, we’ll need the following information in order to provide an accurate rate:

• What type of Bundle Branch Block is present?
• How long has it been present?
• Have you shown any recent change in the ECG?
• Do you have chest pain, cardiomyopathy, high blood pressure, congenital heart disease or valvular heart disease?
• Have any cardiac studies been completed?
• Are you on medication?

We’ll need details to all of the above questions in order to provide accurate rates.  The more information you can provide the more accurate rates we can provide.  Remember, we’re on your side so be as upfront as possible.

If you don’t have all the details, that’s ok, we can give you an estimate and the underwriters will uncover this information when they comb through your medical records.

Life Insurance with BBB – What To Expect

If our wording is a little too technical below, just give us a call and we’ll provide you with the accurate and lowest life insurance rates available.

In order to get “Standard” life insurance rates, your Bundle Branch Block will need to be an isolated finding with no known heart disease or history of changing ECG pattern of:

Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block (IRBBB)
Complete Right Bundle Branch Block (CRBBB) – excluding Sarcoidosis
Left Anterior or Posterior Hemiblock (LAHB or LPHB)

However, if you have a COMPLETE Left or Right Bundle Branch Block, you’re looking at a substandard rating, starting at Table B.  If combined with other issues, it can be higher.  If you’re stable for 6 years with no other cardiovascular impairments and a normal current thallium stress test, then you can obtain “Standard” rates without a rating.

If you’re looking for “no exam” life insurance with bundle branch block, it’s available for limited amounts of whole life insurance if you’re over the age of 50.

Currently, there aren’t any no medical exam TERM life insurance carriers that are offering coverage for those with BBB.  You will have to take a medical exam if you want term coverage.

Since every life insurance company will perceive your risk differently, it is essential to work with an agent that has experience working with people who have Bundle Branch Block or heart problems.

The key to finding the best life insurance rates with Bundle Branch Block is finding the company that looks most favorably at your specific risk.

At Rootfin Life Insurance Agency, we have plenty of experience with this risk and can help you obtain the lowest rates on your life insurance due to our knowledge of the market and access to over 60 life insurance carriers.

Knowing which companies view BBB the most favorably is our secret sauce and we wouldn’t dare publish it.  If you’re in the market for life insurance with Bundle Branch Block, please don’t hesitate to call us for quotes.

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