Life Insurance Crash Course for Online Consumers

After taking a few minutes to read through this crash course, you will know more than 99% of online life insurance consumers.

The most critical tip I can give anyone searching online for life insurance is to work with an experienced and independent life insurance agent or agency.

The life insurance business is littered with large call centers where telemarketers are given a script to sell you life insurance. These agencies choose mass production over service and they advertise all over the internet, radio and TV (Matrix Direct, SelectQuote, AccuQuote, Zander Insurance, etc.). While they claim to be independent, they only offer a handful of companies. You will be purchasing insurance from a new agent who doesn’t have the knowledge, ability or desire to find you the best rate. We have many reviews available such as our AARP Life Insurance Review to help you in making the best decision for you and your family.

When you decide to apply for life insurance, you have to speak with a licensed agent by law. So make sure you find an experienced and independent life insurance agent that can help you with any questions, find you the best rate and service your policy when you need to make any changes.

Ok, on with the crash course…

Comparing Life Insurance Rates Online

Life insurance rates are the same no matter what agent or agency you use. We all use the same published rates.

The key in securing the best life insurance rate is finding the company that will look most favorably at YOUR individual health and lifestyle. It’s as simple as that.

Each company has different underwriting guidelines. For example, you may qualify for standard rates with Company “ABC”, but with Company “XYZ” they may offer you preferred rates. So if you have any health issues, please contact us and don’t use our instant quote tool.

Here are some tips for comparing life insurance quotes online:

1. Stay away from entering your information into websites where there is no information about the company. These are data mining sites disguised as life insurance websites. Your information will be sold to multiple life insurance call centers as a lead and you will be barraged with phone calls. These websites are everywhere, beware!

2. Beware of the life insurance industry’s version of bait and switch: Quoting you a lower rate than you can qualify for, just to get you to complete an application and medical exam. When the rate comes back more expensive, most consumers take it because they have already invested the time and energy.

3. Make sure you’re working with a truly independent life insurance agency who has access to all the top rated life insurance companies. Think of these online life insurance agencies as a “life insurance comparison service” who work on behalf of you and not any life insurance company.

Using captive companies such as State Farm or Primerica life insurance will only limit your choices to ONE life insurance company.  Comparison companies will give you the most choices.

Frequently Asked Questions


Many financial advisors suggest 8-15 times your annual income. We believe it’s different for each situation.

If you have a lot of financial obligations (such as young kids, a small business, elderly parents requiring care, a mortgage), you may consider more coverage.  If you don’t have a lot of financial obligations, you may consider less.

Just remember that you can always add (purchase another policy) or shed coverage in the future. For many people, it’s about how much coverage their comfortable paying.

What’s involved in buying a policy?

1. We complete an application over phone.  With 90% of carriers we can complete an e-signature through e-mail so there’s no paperwork involved.  Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.

2. We schedule a medical examiner to come to your home for a free mini-medical exam (a blood and urine specimen will be taken). The examiner will bring the application for signatures and send it directly to the life insurance company.

3. The life insurance company orders your medical records from your doctor. This is what typically takes the longest amount of time. Once those are received, an offer will be made.

4. After accepting the offer, we will order the policy and you’ll have to sign some forms to place the life insurance coverage in force. This is when your first premium is due.

How long does it take to get a policy?

Typically, an offer will be made 4-6 weeks after taking the medical exam.

If you would like coverage quick, there are no medical exam life insurance options.

Are my rates guaranteed level?

Yes. Any policy we offer is guaranteed level for the length of the term or life.

Does it cost anything to apply?

No. The life insurance company pays for everything, including the exam. Your commitment is the time to take the exam and to be available for any questions or requests in underwriting.

You don’t make a payment until we get you approved at rates your comfortable with.

Do you have a family plan?

No. Children can be covered by most companies as a child rider for a limited coverage amount, typically up to age 23 (differs with each company). You may also purchase a separate policy for them.

A husband and wife must have separate policies and apply individually.

I don’t want anything drafted from my account, can I send a check in monthly?

99% of life insurance companies require you to be set up on automatic bank draft if you’re paying monthy. Some companies will let you send a check in if you’re paying quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Remember, you can cancel your life insurance at any time.  Even if you’re on automatic bank draft.

How do I know I’m getting the best rate?

We have access to all the top rated life insurance carrier’s rates. We’ll share with you the best rates on the market and then show you the best rate you can qualify for. If you are open and honest with your health, you won’t find a better rate.

If you’re healthy, go ahead and use our instant life insurance quoting tool.


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