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The instant life insurance quotes you’ll receive on the next screen are accurate and updated. You’ll be able to compare rates, financial ratings and policy details all on one screen. Simply complete the form on the left to view your life insurance instant quotes!

We provide immediate life insurance quotes from all the nations top rated carriers. We work on behalf of YOU and not any life insurance company.

When you find a rate you’re comfortable with, you can click “apply” and request an application. Well be in touch to coordinate the rest of the process.

Tips For Using Life Insurance Instant Quotes

Since you are viewing these instant life insurance quotes without the help of an agent to assist you and answer any questions, use these tips to help you decide how to choose a reliable life insurance company.

Tip #1

Only use AM Best rated “A-” carrier or better. This ranking system is the top viewed in the industry and should be taken seriously. Any company with an “A-“, “A”, “A+” or “A++” has outstanding financials. In today’s economy its important to know you’re with a financially solid company.

Our immediate life insurance quote engine will show you the AM Best life insurance company ratings of each company.  In fact, we’ll only work with life insurance companies that have an “A-” rating or better – so every company you’ll find on the quote results page will be a highly rated carrier that we’re comfortable recommending.

Tip #2

Annual life insurance rates are less expensive than monthly rates. Typically by paying annually, you’ll save on average 4% over a year than if you made 12 monthly premium payments.  Some life insurance companies even give up to a 6% discount by paying annually.

There’s also smaller discounts available for semi-annual payments as well.  Usually in the 2-3% range.

Our instant life insurance quote engine will show you both the monthly and the annual payments for you to make a decision.  For semi-annual or quarterly payments, you’ll have to give us a call (there’s only so much room on our instant quote results page, sorry!).

Tip #3

To avoid life insurance paperwork, we suggest you use a carrier that allows an “e-signature”. With this technology, we email you a completed application and all you have to do is type your name to sign all the documents. This is good for the environment because we save paper and its quicker for everyone.

This saves you from the task of receiving a 20+ page insurance application for you to sift through and hope you signed all the required pages.  Also, who really wants to fill out a life insurance application and mail it back?…not us.

All of our companies on our instant term life insurance quote engine allow e-signatures.  If that’s intimidating to you, don’t worry.  We’ll walk you through it over the phone if you have any troubles at all.

Tip #4

Term life insurance quotes are pretty standard no matter what site you use, since most agents have access to the same tables. To save you the headache of hopping from 1 website to another, we listed all the top rated life insurance companies that publish instant quote rates in our quote engine.

In other words, going to another website won’t get you better rates.  It’s your actual agent that will make the difference in finding the best rates.

Instant Life Insurance Quotes are 100% Accurate

The instant term life insurance quotes displayed on our website are pulled directly from the life insurance carriers rate books and updated any time there’s a rate change. With that said, the instant life insurance quotes you view on our site are 100% accurate

The only variable we don’t know is your unique health situation and there’s no way for an instant life insurance quote engine to factor this in. If you’re not sure of your health classification, we recommend that you contact us or use the guide below.

Choosing a health classification for your Instant Life Insurance Quotes

There is no way for you to know with any certainty what your health class is. The reason is all life insurance companies look at your health differently. We can give you direction by showing you companies that are more favorable towards your health issues.

If you have no health issues and are in perfect health (less than 10% of you), then using an instant life insurance quote engine is easy. Just choose the Preferred Plus health class.

For the other 90% of us, its a little more tricky.

If you take any maintenance medications for cholesterol or blood pressure and everything is under control, then choose Preferred rates. Any other health issues are generally classified as Standard Plus or Standard.

Keep in mind, life insurance companies are not only looking at your health, but they’ll be looking at your family history – specifically anyone passing before the age of 60 of cancer, heart disease or stroke.

They’ll also look at your lifestyle choices – like scuba diving, skydiving, marijuana use or any DUI or reckless driving tickets. Many people forget to factor in any psychological issues like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. These are all conditions that can effect your instant life insurance quotes.

Keep all of this in mind when viewing your instant life insurance quotes. If there any health issues, just use the results as ballpark figures. We recommend just choosing Standard health class to be conservative if you’re not sure.

Why Use Rootfin Life Insurance Instant Quotes?

Good question. We know you can get your quotes anywhere.

We’re not your typical life insurance agency.  Most of the life insurance websites you’ll find are either high volume call centers with cubicles upon cubicles of call center agents following a script to sell you life insurance…OR…the websites don’t actually offer life insurance and sell your information to these call centers.  We are a small group of experienced and knowledgeable independent life insurance agents.

Our agents separate us apart from the rest of our competition.  We’re all professionals supporting our families by helping consumers find the best life insurance policy at the lowest possible cost.

Because we’re not “corporate”, we’re able to implement all the latest technologies to make the process easy and efficient. We give you the ability to apply online after you make your decision. Go to all the big name life insurance carriers websites like SelectQuote and Matrix Direct. They wont even give you an instant quote, let alone give you the opportunity to apply online.

We understand some consumers have the do it yourself frame of mind and that’s why we offer this service.

Jeff Root

Jeff Root Founder / CEO


If you have any health issues, we don’t recommend using our life insurance instant quote service.

Instead we recommend utilizing our life insurance screen share service. With this service, while on the phone, you can see the life insurance rates on our screen and well show you what rates you can and cant qualify for based on your health issues. Call us or fill out our form for a custom life insurance quote.

If that’s a little intimidating to you, we can just have a normal phone conversation.  We just prefer to be transparent so you know we’re finding you the best possible life insurance rates.

One Last Thing

With any instant life insurance quotes service, you have to speak with a licensed agent in order to apply. There’s no way around it (sorry).

By working with Rootfin, you’ll be working with EXPERIENCED agents and NOT a call center like the other big life insurance agencies you see on TV.

We’re life insurance advisors for all the top rated companies like MetLife, Prudential, AIG, Banner, Protective, Voya Financial, Transamerica, SBLI, Mutual of Omaha, Genworth and Lincoln Financial just to name a few.

We don’t have any bias to any particular company.  We let our knowledge of the market and your specific risk dictate who we recommend.  And we always recommend the lowest cost carrier if you’re price shopping.

Our knowledge is our most valuable asset. If you have any questions regarding anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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