Life Insurance For Scuba Divers

Life Insurance for Scuba DiversThis article is the most comprehensive and informative article you’ll find on the net for Scuba Divers looking for insurance coverage.

Keep reading this article and we will answer all of the questions you have.

We’ve been helping scuba divers find affordable coverage for years and have simplified finding the best rate into 3 steps:

  1. We obtain detailed information about your scuba diving history through a quick phone interview.
  2. We fit your unique scuba diving details into all the top rated life insurance companies underwriting guidelines and determine your quotes with that company.
  3. We present the best quote based on YOUR unique scuba diving risk.

We start the process off by completing a quick phone interview to obtain the following information:

  • Average number of dives/year.
  • Average depth of dives and your deepest dive.
  • Are you diving in overhead environments? (Caves, shipwrecks, ice, salvage)
  • Any rescue diving or diving for pay?
  • Certifications?

After the phone interview, we reference your answers with all of the companies we represent. Using your answers, we will be able to pick the best company.

Our team at has done all the legwork and surveyed all the top rated life insurers already.  Below are just 15 of the best company’s scuba diving underwriting summaries. (click the arrow below the table to see more companies)

10 year term$11$18$31
15 year term$13$21$37
20 year term$15$26$46
30 year term$25$44$83

As you can see, each life insurance company looks at your scuba diving differently (and that’s ONLY 15 carriers and their basic guidelines).  We’ve surveyed over 30 life insurance carriers and know exactly how each one underwrites scuba divers. We have to have this info to get you the cheapest premiums.

If you’re a little confused about what a “flat extra” is (as seen on the chart) or how you fit into that chart, don’t worry.  That’s what we’re here for.

It truly takes an agency experienced in underwriting scuba divers to find you the perfect policy.  Sure, you can call any agent and they can secure a policy for you, but more than likely you’ll paying more than you have to.

Whether you’re a recreational scuba diver, a scuba diving enthusiast or a professional diver, it’s going to be difficult to grab a cheap plan. Your next step should be to dial 888-430-7668.

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