Life Insurance With Diabetes

Life insurance for diabetics doesn’t need to be as difficult as it seems.

There are still many options for affordable life insurance available to diabetics.

We have a whole archive of helpful information for diabetics looking for life insurance, so you don’t have to go at it alone.

Check towards the bottom for specific types, but let’s first talk about how diabetes affects your approval chances for life insurance.

Life Insurance with Diabetes

One of the most common questions we receive, comes from diabetics looking to obtain life insurance.

As a diabetic, it is easy to feel like you have very few options for life insurance, but thankfully the situation is much more advantageous and affordable for most diabetics.

Rates don’t need to be sky high and coverage should be reasonably simple to obtain from multiple carriers.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of obtaining insurance will be a medical exam.

Whether you are trying to renew a policy, start a new one or are simply looking for quotes, all companies will want you to undergo a medical exam. This is so the company can assess the amount of risk you pose to them as a customer.

They will evaluate all of the different factors that have contributed to your diabetes as it applies to your health, and then make a decision accordingly.

Afterwards, you will go through an underwriting process to even further evaluate the amount of risk you pose to the company.

There are many different things that can come into play here, and especially since there are so many different types of diabetes, the questions for each person might vary. If you are considered to be healthy by the underwriters, then you might even be able to secure a premium that is similar to a person who doesn’t have diabetes.

Because of all the different types of diabetes, trying to address the tactics for dealing with underwriters appropriately would be a bit too long for this section alone.

Instead, we have an archive of articles below that can help you figure out exactly how to deal with the process. Each of the articles should be able to help you prepare for the series of questions you will be asked by the underwriters.

We want to help you get the least expensive options possible from the insurers. If you just head into this interview without knowing what to say, it is very possible you will give them the answers that will cause your rates to spike.

We don’t recommend you lie to underwriters, but there are always ways in which you can answer their questions without lying, that won’t cause your rates to spike as a result.

If the thought of having to work with underwriters on something like this is causing you stress, we are here to help.

Instead of doing things the conventional way, you can work with one of our agents who can help you secure better rates than you could obtain on your own.

They will ask you all the necessary questions and help you answer them. Then they will shop your answers around to many different insurance companies on the market.

They will present your information in a way that allows you to still receive preferential rates, and then help you choose a winner.

Compared to walking blindly into an interview with an underwriter, this can be a very preferable way to go through the process.

There’s no need to call up all those companies on your own so you save time, and our agents can get you a better price, saving you money as well.

First though, we recommend you get familiar with life insurance for diabetics, by reading through our archive below.

Here are some of them:

No Exam Life Insurance For Diabetics – For those that would rather skip the medical exam, here are your options.

Type 2 Diabetic Case Studies – If you’re a type 2 diabetic, you can get an idea of what we’ve done for our clients in this article.

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Life Insurance with Diabetes – An overview of securing life insurance for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

Living With Diabetes – Common ways to improve your daily life, which can improve your control.

Insulin – The most common form of medication for diabetics is insulin, and how much you take (and how often) makes a big difference.

Obesity – How obesity can lead to diabetes, and why this is crucial to underwriters.

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