Life Insurance For Breast Cancer Survivors!

Life Insurance for Breast CancerBreast cancer is a common illness that our agency sees when we first talk with women.

With the advances in treatment, increasing awareness and self exams, we’re seeing more and more breast cancer survivors applying for life insurance.  The good news is that some life insurance companies will give very affordable offers if it’s detected early and treated properly.

While some carriers will still decline, there are several life insurance carriers that are very aggressive with underwriting breast cancer.

In order to find the life insurance company who will offer the most favorable rate, here’s what we need to know:

1. Is there a certain type of breast cancer you have?
2. Currently, what stage and or grade is the illness?
3. What was the diagnosis date, and when was your treatment over?
4. What did your treatment look like?
5. Any metastisis or lymph node involvement?
6. Do you know how large the tumor was, or the size?

If we are missing any information above, we can’t accurately shop your case. Proceed with caution if the agent you’re speaking with doesn’t want or ask for this information. You cannot trust their quotes.

During prequalifying if we can get a copy of the pathology report it could help us a lot when we take a look at your options.

One thing that’s important to mention is that most companies will want some time to pass since you’ve had your last treatment.

Here’s what you can expect from a breast cancer life insurance underwriting standpoint.  If this doesn’t make sense to you, then please call us and we’ll provide the rates over the phone.

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ and Lobular Carcinoma In Situ: Standard to Table 2. If young, there could be a flat extra for 1-3 years. Pru will go Standard Plus if over age 40.

No lymph nodes involved or no metastic disease:
Stage 1, Grade 1: Flat extra of $5 to $8 for 1-3 years (depends on age & date of last treatment)
Stage 1, Grade 2: Postpone 1-2 year from date of last treatment, then FE of $5-$15 for 2-5 years (depends on age & date of last treatment)
Stage 2, Grade 1: Postpone 2-5 years from date of last treatment, then FE of $5-$20 for 2-5 years (depends on age & date of last treatment)
Stage 2, Grade 2: Postpone 3-5 years from date of last treatment, then $7.50-$20 FE for 2-5 years (depends on age & date of last treatment)

One Lymph Node Involved
Stage 2, Grade 1: Postpone 3-10 years then $7.50-$20 FE for 2-5 years (depends on age & date of last treatment)
Stage 3, Grade 2 or 3: Postpone 5-10 years. If 5 years out, $15 FE may be possible. After 10 years, individual consideration.

Stage 4, Metastic Disease and/or Extensive Lymph Node Involvement: Postpone 7-15 years, $20+ FE, then individual consideration. You’ll want to look into graded death benefit plans.

We’ve helped dozens of women find AFFORDABLE life insurance with Breast Cancer history. We know what companies offer the best rates and have the relationships with underwriters to get you approved.

We’ve also been featured as an expert in this subject in a few financial media sites if you’d like to read more:

LifeHappens Article – “Think You Can’t Get Life Insurance if You’ve Had Breast Cancer, Think Again!”

Call us today or fill out the quote form on the right and let us help you find affordable coverage with a Breast Cancer history.

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Mark Shepperd

Hi Jeff – thank you for this site. Shopping for my wife Caroline, DCIS Dec 2013, 4mm sample, clean margins, no lymph nodes, clean annual mammograms ever since. Looking for rates on 20 or 30 yr level term, $150K to $250K depending on rates. Presently insured, looking to replace. I appreciate your help.

December 28, 2017 at 10:44 am
    Jeff Root

    Hi Mark – We emailed you, just forgot to approve this comment! Feel free to call us as well – she’s insurable at affordable rates.

    January 5, 2018 at 10:36 am
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