Life Insurance with Stent Surgery History

Securing life insurance after having stent surgery happens all the time.  If you've been declined, you probably just used the wrong company. 

Having a partial blockage and needing stents placed is a very serious procedure, but it’s also a safe and effective one. Life insurance companies are very aware of this. The first thing you need to know is you have to wait 6 months after the surgery to apply. Virtually all complications with stents occur within the first 6 months and life insurance companies will postpone any application within that timeframe.

So here’s the deal with stents and life insurance. If you’ve had 1 stent or bypass with no triggering event (i.e. heart attack) with no other underlying health issue, you may qualify for Standard rates with a few carriers.

If you’ve had more than 1 stent and/or a heart attack, then you’ll be considered a sub-standard risk. Some carriers will decline you, some will start with a base table rating and determine the final rating based on the information asked below.heart doctor

Here is what an agent needs to know if you have stents:

  1. How many stents were placed?
  2. Was there a triggering event?(heart attack, stroke etc.)
  3. What is your current ejection fraction?
  4. Date stents were placed?
  5. What medications are you taking?
  6. When was your last stress test and what was the result?
  7. Any lifestyle changes? (quit smoking?, exercise program?)Any chest pains since the surgery? (Any chest pains after surgery will be an auto-decline with all carriers

With these questions answered, we can provide an accurate rate. Choosing the right company makes all the difference in getting a favorable approval. If you have an agent who doesn’t ask these questions, they are taking a shot in the dark when giving you rates. Beware!

If it's been more than 5 years since your stent surgery, no medical exam life insurance may be available. 

If you’ve been declined for life insurance and think you shouldn’t have, then you most likely used the wrong company or agent. 

On the other hand if you're having complications with your heart still or have other significant health issues, we have very competitive graded death benefit policies that many of our clients have purchased to make sure they get some coverage in force.

If you are in the market for life insurance and have had a stent procedure, fill out our custom individual life insurance quote request. Please be as detailed as possible to ensure accurate rates.

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