Smokeless Tobacco Use and Life Insurance

smokeless tobaccoThousands of smokeless tobacco users avoid buying life insurance until they can give up the habit, while thousands more pay more than they should for their policies.

They either shun or pay excess amounts because they are subjected to tobacco smoking life insurance rates, which are typically more than double the standard rates.

While it is true that the usage of virtually all tobacco products may affect the rates for life insurance, many reputable companies do not just throw blanket high premium rates on all people known to be using tobacco products.

Instead, the companies classify the users into different categories of risk and offer different rates for every category. Therefore, there are usually affordable non-tobacco rates that smokeless tobacco users can enjoy.

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Differences Between Smokeless Use and Smoking Tobacco

Usually, every life insurance company views every form of tobacco use as being a “smoker”. Therefore, while using smokeless tobacco does not come with the terrible health risks associated with tobacco smoking, such as lung cancer and respiratory illnesses, it does come with greater risk than complete non-usage of tobacco. According to medical experts, the health risks of smokeless tobacco include increased risks of pancreatic cancer, greater incidence of tobacco addiction, and development of leukoplakia (white leathery patches on the gum or inside of the cheek), and gum recessions, teeth abrasions and periodontal bone loss. Indeed, it is the risks that come with smokeless tobacco usage that compel life insurance companies to charge slightly higher rates than the rates offered to non-users of tobacco.

There are also companies who offer life insurance for high risk individuals so don’t let this stop you from getting the coverage you deserve.

Life Insurance Consequences of Using Smokeless Tobacco

Even if you opt to hide your tobacco chewing habit from your prospective life insurer during your application, the company will take the necessary steps to determine if you use tobacco or not, before approving your policy.

For instance, the life insurance company will require that you take a physical examination when you hand in your application, and to undergo blood and urine tests for determining the quantity of nicotine in your body. Once the results are in, the company will decide to classify you with tobacco smokers, smokeless tobacco users, or to decline the application altogether. Hence, it is important to choose a company that offers different premium rates for tobacco chewers than smokers.

Equally, many life insurance firms also adhere to the 12-month rule. According to the rule, a person who has been chewing tobacco in the last 12 months prior to the application for life insurance is often classified in the same risk class as tobacco smokers.

Moreover, under the rule, the frequency of tobacco usage may never be important since occasional users may often be grouped together with regular users. Nonetheless, the amount charged on top of the standard premium paid by healthy applicants will vary from company to company, with many companies charging up to four times more than the premium rates paid by non-smokers. The trick for finding the lowest premium rates for smokeless tobacco users is to find one of the few top-rate companies that offer non-tobacco life insurance rates.

Not Every Company Treats Smokeless Tobacco the Same Way

As previously explained, every life insurance company gives a different approach to smokeless tobacco usage. Some companies treat it casually; some give it the requisite weight, while others classify it in the same category as that of regular tobacco smokers.

Nonetheless, while many life insurance firms do not distinguish between different tobacco products and only offer tobacco (smoker) rates, there are a couple of companies that offer non-tobacco rates regardless of whether their prospective customers use dip (chew), cigars, snuff, or gum (nicotine patch).

Indeed, the companies distinguish between cigar smoking, cigarette smoking and smokeless tobacco, and ensure that their cigar smokers and smokeless tobacco users are not subjected to the very-high smoker rates.

The rates offered to tobacco chewers are usually more affordable, but they will probably follow the following instances:

1. A life insurance company can offer a standard rate for the occasional user of smokeless tobacco, especially if no nicotine is found in the urine and blood samples.

2. A life insurance company can offer a specific smokeless tobacco user category, which will have considerably lower premium rates as compared to the rates charged for regular smokers.

3. A life insurance company may charge you slightly more if you are a tobacco chewer who is in excellent health.

When determining how much a tobacco chewer should pay, lenient life insurers will consider the age, weight, height, frequency of tobacco chewing, general state of health and the family medical history of their prospective client.

In the process, the degree of risk will be evaluated in order to separate heavy smokers, regular chewers and occasional users, and to offer suitable rates to different categories. Moreover, lenient life insurance companies will also allow their clients to continue with infrequent smokeless tobacco use as long as the risks involved are not aggravated.

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