Life Insurance for Users of Chewing Tobacco, Dip and Snuff

Life Insurance Chewing Tobacco Dip Snuff SnusQuick Tip:  If you use chewing tobacco, dip or snuff and want an instant life insurance quote, fill out our instant life insurance quote form and click “Standard Plus” and check “no” for smoker and look for Prudential.

That quick tip above assumes you’re in good health. There are other companies that offer “non-smoker” rates, this is just a quick way to get a quote.  For more information, keep reading below.

Locating low cost rates for tobacco chewers, dip, snuff, plug, twist, snus or any other smokeless tobacco hinges on our ability to find carriers who will offer you “non-smoker” rates.

Even though evidence shows that chewing tobacco use is less dangerous than cigarettes are, most life insurance companies view chewing tobacco life insurance risks as potential for serious health problems in the future.

With that said, many carriers will label you “smoker” or “tobacco” life insurance rates because in reality it’s a tobacco product. These smoker rates are more than DOUBLE the rates of non-smoker rates.

However, since you don’t smoke or swallow it, some life insurance companies are starting to recognize that it’s less harmful than actually ingesting or inhaling.

There are several life insurance companies that will offer their non-smoker health class for chewing tobacco tobacco use.

Using one of these life insurance companies will save you at least 50% on your life insurance premiums (like Prudential mentioned above). This is the single most important tip I can give you to secure the lowest life insurance rates with chewing tobacco use. Looking for a million dollar life insurance policy, I can help give you tips on that as well!

The best life insurance for dip users are the one’s who offer non-smoker rates.  We would post these companies here, but then we’d be giving out our trade secrets to our competitors and we already threw them a bone with using Prudential.

Keep in mind, you can test positive for nicotine in your system on the life insurance blood test and still get these non-smoker rates, so there’s no need to hide your chewing tobacco use.  As long as you’re using the right company, there’s nothing to worry about on the life insurance physical.

If you’re in the market for life insurance and chew tobacco, make sure you look for an independent life insurance agent who has knowledge of these companies that offer “non-smoker” rates. They’ll do all the legwork for you in finding that company who will give you the best rates.

Chewing Tobacco and Life Insurance Case Studies

I think it will be helpful to show you some real life case studies to illustrate how we’re able to improve our client’s life insurance situations.

Case Study #1

45 year old male, chews Red Man chewing tobacco and also dips Skoal.  He needs $750,000 of coverage to secure a loan.  He had controlled high blood pressure and took medication to control his cholesterol as well.  He was already approved at smoker rates with AIG from AIG Direct when he called us.  We were able to cut his rates in half and replace that AIG policy by using a company that gave him “non-smoker” rates.

Case Study #2

52 year old male, big Copenhagen user.  He’s a business owner that scuba dives to depths over 120 ft occasionally, usually less than 60 ft though.  No health issues whatsoever.  Another agent tried to take him to Prudential to get non-smoker rates, but Prudential gave him a table rating which more than doubled his rates.  We were able to find a company that gave him “Standard” non-smoker rates.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance and Chewing Tobacco, Dip or Snuff

First of all, there are no medical exam TERM life insurance companies that you can get approved with TODAY, but they’ll all give you smoker rates.  We’re hoping this changes soon and if it does, we’ll update this article immediately.  With that said, it will be much more expensive than taking a medical exam and qualifying for the “non-smoker” rates.

However, if you’re looking for a small permanent life insurance policy in the amount of $5,000 up to $25,000, we do have some companies that will write you at non-smoker rates.  The catch is you have to be over 50 years old to qualify for these as they’re considered “final expense” policies that are meant to cover burial costs and any final expenses.

To summarize, no medical exam life insurance for those who use smokeless tobacco products are available.  Just ask us to compare a no exam policy and a traditional fully underwritten policy with a medical exam and you can decide if it’s worth it (it’s usually not if you’re price sensitive).

Why Work With

At, we help people who use chew, dip, snuff, snus, twist or plug obtain non-smoker rates.  Not just non-smoker rates, but the best non-smoker rates given any other health conditions and lifestyle choices.

We’re not a high volume call center staffed with sales agents in cubicles.  We’re a team of professional life insurance agents that can help you purchase life insurance from the convenience of your home.  We take care of everything via phone, mail and email.

Whether you’re looking for the best term life insurance for chewing tobacco users or the cheapest whole life insurance policy, we know which companies offer these non-smoker rates.  We’ll also take into account any health and lifestyle issues and provide you without the lowest life insurance rate you can qualify for.

Bottom Line. Find an independent agent and make sure you obtain non-smoker rates.

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