Obtaining Life Insurance After Bariatric Surgery

If you’ve had Bariatric Surgery, also known as weight loss surgery in the past, then trying to get approved for life insurance, let alone at decent rates, can be a challenging concept. While having had bariatric surgery on its own is not considered to be an adverse health condition, it does indicate that you’ve had some health problems in the past. But even if you have health issues, there are companies who offer guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

Any top life insurance company you apply to, will want to dig deep into your application before you’re approved or denied. This is so they can gauge the amount of risk you present to them, before they can deem you worthy of being insured by them. While it is still possible to receive a standard priced policy, there are all sorts of things that can cause your rates to go higher. We have some reviews available such as our AARP Life Insurance Review. Reading our reviews can educate you so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

The underwriting process for those who have had bariatric surgery

If you’ve had bariatric surgery in the past, the underwriting process is going to be fairly intensive. Don’t be scared off by that fact though, you just need to know how to talk with the underwriters. Your answers to these questions will determine your ability for approval for coverage. They will be asking you many question such as:

  • When did you first undergo the surgery?
  • How much did you weigh before you had surgery?
  • When was your last follow up with a physician?
  • How much weight has been lost at various milestones since your surgery?
  • Were there any complications following your surgery?
  • Was there improvement in other risk factors besides your weight following your surgery?
  • Have you been prescribed any medications since your surgery?

By analyzing your answers to these questions, the underwriters will be able to determine just how much risk you pose to the company. While these certainly aren’t the only questions you could ever be asked by an underwriter, the questions above are the most common.

Underwriters may also be concerned if you have other health related conditions related to a high weight which are still present. These conditions include things like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. It’s safe to say that if you have other health complications in addition to having had bariatric surgery, your likeliness of more expensive premiums will be even higher.

They also will be interested in your normal activity levels. If you spend your days working while sitting down and get very little exercise despite having lost a lot of weight, this can impact your premiums negatively. Simply getting sufficient exercise is a sign that you are taking the necessary steps to be healthier, and the potential for lower premiums is there when the underwriters can recognize this.

What rates will you be eligible for?

Unfortunately, there is no publicly available algorithm for determining what sort of rates will be available to you based on the results of your surgery. Maintaining weight loss is definitely good, but is not the only factor in deciding your premiums. The other factors listed above will all come together before the underwriters are able to make a decision.

Some people will only qualify for a substandard rating if enough time hasn’t passed.  Underwriters want to see at least 1 year since the bariatric surgery.  The more time that has passed, the better.

If you receive a substandard rating because enough time hasn’t passed, you can always take the current offer and replace this policy after enough time has passed.

Securing Affordable rates after Bariatric Surgery

If all this still sounds like a challenge, and you are still worried about your ability to be approved before applying, then you might not want to go at it alone. In those cases, we recommend working with a trusted agency with access to all the life insurance providers out there.

We have many agents, all with experience working with customers who have undergone bariatric surgery in the past. We can work with you to find out the answers to the underwriter’s questions, and then present that information to several life insurance companies all at once. Not only does this save you time, but we understand how to present this information in a way that won’t cause your rates to spike.

Because of this, working with an agency like us can typically get you much cheaper rates than simply by applying for life insurance on your own. So if applying for life insurance after bariatric surgery is stressing you out, get in contact with us today so we can help you get an affordable rate.

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