Life Insurance With Sleep Apnea

Life Insurance Sleep ApneaOver the past few years, life insurance rates with sleep apnea have been declining because life insurance companies are giving better health classifications.

Back in 2009, a “Standard” health classification used to be the best case scenario.  Now we’re seeing preferred and preferred plus offers consistently!

If you’ve purchased a policy within the last 5 years and were rated Standard or worse for sleep apnea, give us a call – we can secure a less expensive policy IF your sleep apnea is under control and documented by your physician.

Life insurance underwriters consider your sleep apnea either controlled or uncontrolled. For those with uncontrolled apnea, it’s going to mean drastically higher rates.

Even if your condition is uncontrolled, we can find a company which gives you affordable rates.

Sleep Apnea Life Insurance Underwriting

As long as your sleep apnea is being treated (directly or indirectly) and you have completed a recent sleep study (within the last 3 years), preferred to preferred plus rates are well within reach! If your sleep apnea is untreated, that’s when you’ll see standard to standard plus rates.

Life insurance underwriters consider “indirect treatment” as weight loss, non-use of sleeping pills and abstinence from alcohol prior to bed time.  “Direct” treatments usually consist of using a CPAP since it’s the most effective tool.  If you’re controlling your sleep apnea with ANY of these treatments, the best life insurance rate class is available.

If you can’t demonstrate control of your sleep apnea in sleep studies, that’s when you’ll be paying more for your life insurance.  Added concerns and increased rates include cardiovascular risks such as your build or high blood pressure.

Please keep in mind that if your medical records show that your doctor recommended a sleep study and it wasn’t completed, you won’t be able to obtain coverage until you complete it.

The goal is to find the carrier which has experience working with clients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

There are several life insurance companies out there who are more aggressive when if comes to life insurance with sleep apnea. Other companies have the same old stance of Standard rates as a best case scenario.  If you’ve been offered standard rates for sleep apnea and have your sleep apnea under control with a recent sleep study done, kindly pass on their offer and look elsewhere.

Here are some of the questions the agent is going to ask:

  • Age at diagnosis
  • How is your sleep apnea being treated? (CPAP, weight loss, surgery, observation etc.)
  • What type of sleep apnea do you have? (obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea or mixed sleep apnea)?
  • Any surgeries? (UPPP or tracheotomy)
  • When was your last sleep study? Results?
  • Height and weight
  • All medications being taken
  • Do you smoke or use any tobacco products?
  • Any other underlying health issues?

Any agent who doesn’t gather this information from you is simply guessing at your life insurance rates.  Proceed with caution.

The key is fitting YOUR specific risk into their underwriting guidelines.  We work with 60 companies and we know how each of them views sleep apnea. 
Recent Case Study

Case Study #1

sleep apnea and life insurance case study

Our advantage was we knew which carriers would look at this case most favorably and we also know how to “pitch” the underwriter your sleep apnea case in the most favorable way possible.

Case Study #2

We recently obtained a 55 year old male, $1 million of life insurance who had a 6 year history of well controlled sleep apnea using a C-PAP machine and no other health issues a PREFERRED PLUS offer. These means they will get the lowest premiums.

Securing Cheaper Life Insurance


As you can see from the case studies above, the health and rate class you get put into are a huge factor in your premiums. If you want to save money, you need to get in better shape.

Switching out some of the junk food for healthier options can work wonders on your health. It can help lower your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and much more. Not only will it help you improve your health, but it could improve your apnea condition as well.

Additionally, you’ll need to start getting regular exercise. Similar to starting a healthy diet, exercise can help you shed those extra pounds as well as lower your blood pressure and a whole host of other benefits.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been diagnosed with severe health problem, like sleep apnea, life insurance is more difficult than a traditional policy.

With our agents, it doesn’t have to be a long process. All you have to do is call one of our independent brokers. After this, we take care of all the work. We are your personal life insurance shoppers. Why go through all of the trouble when we can do it for you?


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