Securing Affordable Life Insurance with Scleroderma

life insurance with sclerodermaLiving with Scleroderma makes getting approved for life insurance difficult. Our clients have told us some horror stories of obtaining coverage and it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ve helped numerous people find affordable life insurance with Scleroderma and will explain what to expect in this article.

The most favorable Scleroderma life insurance risks are localized where it only effects the skin on your hands and face and develops slowly. It rarely spreads or has serious complications.

Tough life insurance cases (but definitely still doable) for Scleroderma are in the form of “Limit Disease” aka CREST syndrome. Many companies will decline, but we are able to find coverage in most of these cases which we’ll explain below.

Where you’ll have trouble finding life insurance coverage is if your Scleroderma is systemic and effects large areas of your skin and organs.

Best offers are given to those who:

  • Stay active
  • Don’t smoke
  • Manage heartburn (avoid the foods that cause heartburn)
  • Protect skin from the cold.

Here’s the information we’ll need for a personalized quote.  Don’t listen to agents who forget to ask questions like these:

  • Smoking Status
  • Date of Diagnosis
  • Form of Scleroderma and areas of the body involved
  • Medications or treatment being taken
  • Any evidence of progression?
  • Results of testing: (EKG’s or pulmanary)
  • Any other health issues?

Life Insurance With Scleroderma – What To Expect

Before we tell you what to expect, you need to understand life insurance table ratings. Basically this is an added charge to the standard rate. Each table is usually around 25% more expensive. So a table 2 would be Standard rates + 50%. Table 4 would be Standard rates + 100%. You get the idea.

With that said, here’s what you can expect as far as pricing goes:
Localized Scleroderma will be a best case scenario as Standard, most likely a Table 2. Preferred rates are not available for anyone with Scleroderma.

CREST or “limited” Scleroderma will be a minimum of Table 4, with decline’s possible under more severe circumstances.
*For both localized Scleroderma and CREST, if you’re taking any steroids or immunosuppressive drugs, you’ll add another 2 table to your rating.

Diffuse systemic disease will be a decline with traditional carriers, but we have graded death benefit policies available.

Sine Scleroderma where there’s no skin involvement and just organ involvement will be a decline for traditional carriers. Again, we have graded death benefit policies available for this.

Recent Scleroderma Life Insurance Case Studies

Case Study #1

Male, Age 56, Non-Smoker. Diagnosed with Scleroderma 7 years ago. Skin involvement only. No complications or evidence of progression. Consistent documentation of favorable testing. We were able to obtain Standard rates! (with several carriers)

Case Study #2

Female, Age 45, Non-Smoker. Diagnosed with CREST 18 months ago. Mild, non-progressive and no involvement of internal organs. No treatment required except for treatment of acid reflux. She was declined before coming to us. We obtained a Table 4 rating and she was ecstatic with the offer.

Bottom Line

We have a lot of experience in securing life insurance with Scleroderma and know which companies will look most favorably at the risk.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to evaluate your risk and you can rest assured we’ll be providing you with the best rates available.

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