Life Insurance With Chronic Back Pain

Everyone needs adequate life Insurance, but, as any back pain sufferer knows, good life insurance at a reasonable price can be very hard to find.  Life insurance with chronic back pain depends on several factors which we’ll discuss below.

Typically we’ll be able to get you “Standard” or “Regular” rates.  To see those rates on the next screen, use the form and you’ll see rates. Simple as that. 

Back Pain

Pain of any kind can vary in its severity, usually if it is just a headache, it can be easily dealt with, however Chronic Back pain can be severely debilitating and life restricting. The pain and misery of back pain has no gender or age restrictions, so it makes no difference whether you are young or old, male or female.

If you have been born with genetic back problems such as Ankylosing Spondylitis or any problems to do with alignment of the spine, or, suffer from Scoliosis or Osteoporosis, you will understand how debilitating and life restricting, this pain can be.

There can obviously also be other causes of Chronic Back Pain, such as a car accident or even an accident at work, that cause injury to the back and spine.

Any of these factors can cause damage to the delicate nerve endings in the spinal area and result in the Chronic Back Pain sufferers understand only too well. Life Insurance is a must for every individual and even Chronic Back Pain sufferers need to have accessibility to reasonably priced insurance coverage that will cover all of their ailments and ultimately provide for their families if required.

Medication And Side Effects

Chronic Back Pain can also be a cause of depression amongst sufferers and the drugs and medications that are often prescribed to ease the pain, can sometimes be addictive. This in itself can cause problems when searching for life insurance, as it can add to the premiums paid.

Also, for some people, the pain can be so bad that they inadvertently overdose, therefore the insurance underwriters must be made aware of all medications taken whether prescribed by a doctor or not. These factors must all be taken into consideration by the insurance underwriters when providing a life insurance quote as, if they are not aware of all of the facts, they will be unable to accurately provide a quote which truly reflects the individual’s needs.

Back Pain And Life Insurance Coverage

So, you want life insurance which covers all of your needs, takes into account your Chronic Back Pain, and is of course affordable. You need to know that you have covered all eventualities and provided for your loved ones, so adequate Life Insurance cover is an absolute must.

In order to get the best life insurance available, the best way to do this, is to contact an independent life insurance company, such as ourselves. We know and understand about all back problems and can save you valuable time and money by searching out not only the best insurance options, tailored to your precise needs, but also by getting you the best prices available.

Our company Rootfin, provides Life Insurance coverage in every state and we work with over 60 life insurance providers, however we are an independent and impartial company. We always strive to provide the best service possible and pride ourselves on the fact that we try to build a relationship with all of our customers. We know we can find you the best life insurance, regardless of your circumstances.

How Do Life Insurance Companies Provide A Quote?

To enable an independent life insurance agent to give you the best possible quote tailored to your own personal needs they must ask certain detailed questions, these questions are designed to find out about your specific Back Pain problems and causes and also to find out about what level of life insurance coverage you require.

The information required in order to specifically tailor a quote may vary but usually include such questions as:

  • What is the cause of the back pain?
  • When did the back pain start?
  • Does the back pain stop or restrict your life in any way?
  • What drugs or medications are you currently taking?
  • Have these drugs/medications been prescribed by your Doctor?
  • Details of the pain – is it constant pain? Is it intermittent pain? How long does the pain last for?
  • How long have you suffered from back pain?

Make sure that when you answer these questions, you do so honestly and truthfully as the key to getting the best possible level of cover at the most competitive price, is to be upfront with everything. There is no point in lying or trying to hide any important facts, as the quote given will not then be accurate or suitable to your needs.

It is very important to give as much detail as you can in order for us to build a true picture of your lifestyle and insurance needs. Only by having all of the facts are we able to fully gauge the correct level of coverage required. If you do not give all of the details and facts, or try to hide them in any way the quote provided may not then give the most adequate level of coverage and may not pay out when you most need it to.

Disorders causing Chronic Back Pain are very common and most insurance companies will look at your circumstances and then offer a standard “one size fits all” type of life insurance coverage, they do not usually tailor life insurance specifically to a person’s needs.

The problem with this is that every person has different back problems and different life insurance requirements and also the rates for these types of cover can vary massively, with high insurance premiums not necessarily offering the most suitable level of cover required.

Getting Affordable Life Insurance Coverage with Chronic Back Pain

Depending on the cause of your back pain, you could be facing some higher chargers for your coverage. If it’s a minor issue, you can still get preferred rates. If it’s a severe condition, you’re going to get high-risk premiums.

Applicants who pose a greater risk to the insurance company are going to pay more for insurance. The insurance company wants to identify how much risk you are for the plan. If you want cheaper rates, you have to be less risk. How can you do that? We’re glad you asked!

To get started, you should get in the best shape possible. Cue the Rocky theme song. You won’t need to drink raw eggs or run up any steps (although, it’s a great way to work up a sweat), but you should improve your health.

Maybe cut out some of the fried foods. Skip the extra dessert. Go with a salad instead of fries. Little choices can make difference when it comes to your health.

Improving your health can help anyone save money, but it’s more true for anyone with diabetes. Getting life insurance for people with diabetes isn’t impossible, but you need an expert’s help. 

While most insurance companies are going to give you expensive plans, or less coverage than you need, you don’t have to worry about this with us.

This is where we differ and our aim is ultimately find you the best life insurance coverage that not only offers you the highest level of coverage, but also gives you the most favorable and affordable rates available.


If you’ve ever worked with a traditional agent, you know how the process goes. You call, answer questions, and then get a quote. They will try and sell you the most expensive plan and additional coverage.
With us, you answer the few questions, and then you get 60 quotes without the pushy salesperson. It’s a win all-around.

Do you have any questions about getting life insurance as an applicant with chronic back pain? Give a call today!

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Mr Ronald Lee Darr

obviously I’ve been looking at your website and feel that maybe you could help me. I was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and was shot down three times. I have chronic back pain which has been treated successfully with small doses of morphine and oxycodone. My physical health is that of a 40-year-old with my last full physical being February 2016. Everything from brain to heart, kidneys,lungs and liver etc. are normal for a 40-year-old. The only reason I’m looking for insurance to supplement my current $100,000 policy is because I have a $300,000 mortgage on my farm that I work on like a regular farmhand. That’s not bad for someone who is 73 years old. If you think you can find a $200,000 term policy at a reasonable rate for me I would be in your debt. Thanks for your time Ronald L Darr

March 3, 2016 at 12:36 pm
    Jeff Root

    Ronald, we have some options and just reached out to you.

    March 3, 2016 at 10:45 pm
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