Life Insurance with Barrett’s Esophagus

We’ve helped dozens of our clients secure life insurance with Barrett’s Esophagus and even lower the rates for people with current policies.

The key to finding the lowest life insurance rates with Barrett’s Esophagus is finding the company that will look most favorable at YOUR individual risk. Barrett’s is underwritten differently for each person.

Life insurance underwriters will be looking at a lot of different factors. Including what contributed to getting your Barrett’s Esophagus:

  • More common in people over 50 (if diagnosed under age 50, it poses more of a concern to underwriters)
  • Family history of Barrett’s Esophagus
  • Long-standing history of GERD?
  • Esophageal ulceration of stricture
  • Scleroderma?
  • Smoking and alcohol use history?

Here’s what we need to know for to give you an accurate quote. If an agent doesn’t ask you these questions, they are just taking random guesses at companies.

  • Age diagnosed
  • Tobacco use history
  • Results AND dates of endoscopies and biopsies (underwriters want to see you’re actively monitoring it)
  • Medications and treatments
  • Any other underlying health issues?

Without all of this information, it will be hard to provide you with an accurate quote.

Life Insurance With Barrett’s Esophagus – What To Expect

Barrett’s Esophagus life insurance underwriting can be a bit tricky. We’ll do our best to explain it here. You’ll need to understand what “table ratings” are first or else you won’t understand what we explain below.

In a nutshell, they’re an additional charge on top of the Standard health classification. Each table is usually around Standard + 25% (depends on the company). For example, Table 3 would be Standard rates + 75%. Table 6 rates would be Standard + 150% and so on.

With that said, Barrett’s Esophagus life insurance underwriting will be categorized into 2 categories: Dysplasia history and No Displasia.

No Dysplasia

– Short segment, no symptoms and on treatment will be a Standard to Table 2 range.

– Long segment, no symptoms and on treatment (with at least 2 biopsies) will be a Standard to Table 4 range depending on the damage.

Dysplasia History

– Low Grade dysplasia that’s been resolved with a minimum of 2 endoscopies with biopsies will depend on the length of time it’s been resolved. If it’s been over 2 years, you can expect Table 2 ratings (although we’ve seen some “Standard” ratings recently). If it’s been under 2 years, expect Table 4 ratings.

– High Grade dysplasia will restrict you to a graded death benefit policy.

* The key to affordable life insurance rates with a dysplasia history is to figure out which carrier will give you a table rating instead of a flat extra (flat extra’s will be more expensive). We know which companies offer table ratings and will shop your case to those life insurance companies.

* You’ll need to show consistent follow-up in the form of biopsies and endoscopies. Underwriters don’t feel comfortable making offers without knowing you’re actively staying on top of your Barrett’s.

Recent Barrett’s Esophagus Risks We’ve Helped

Case Study #1

Male, age 63, non-smoker. Barrett’s Esophagus initially diagnosed 4 years ago – long segment, no dysplasia on biopsies. Had a follow-up endoscopy 2 years ago and still showed short segment Barrett’s but no dyspepsia. Takes Nexium as his only medication.

We were able to secure STANDARD rates! Our client was thrilled.

Case Study #2

Female, age 44, Smoker. EGD 6 years ago showed short segment Barrett’s and pathology showed low grade dysplasia. Repeat EGD 5 years ago showed short segment Barrett’s, but no dysplasia. Repeat EGD’s 3 years ago and last year showed no evidence of Barrett’s or dysplasia.

We shopped this to over 25 life insurance companies and secured a Table 2 Tobacco health classification.

It’s important to note that some carriers declined and others added flat extra’s to make it very expensive. Again, our client was ecstatic with the result!

What Next?

We’ve helped many people with Barrett’s Esophagus find affordable life insurance rates. The key to all of this is finding the life insurance company that will give you the most favorable rates and that’s what we do for you.

Even if you have a life insurance policy in place, it’s likely we can lower your rates just by leveraging our knowledge and experience in underwriting this risk.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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