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life insurance with asthmaFinding the lowest rates for life insurance with asthma is as easy as applying with the right life insurance company. 

Asthma is a very common impairment affecting nearly 5% of the US population and each life insurance company is going to look at your asthma differently. 

The key in finding the best life insurance rates with asthma is to find the company that will look most favorably at your unique situation.

Getting life insurance with asthma will come down to the frequency and severity of asthma attacks, as well as control of the condition. 

Life insurance underwriters will place your asthma into 4 classes:

Seasonal Asthma:  Generally occurs a few times every year, typically with the changing of seasons.  Medications can be prescribed and you can still qualify for PREFERRED PLUS rates (best rates available)!

Mild Asthma:  Infrequent attacks that don’t require hospitalizations and are treated easily with inhalers or oral medications can qualify for PREFERRED and in some cases PREFERRED PLUS rates.

Moderate Asthma: More frequent attacks that will occasionally result in a hospitalization.  Moderate asthma typically can require steroid based inhalers or nebulizers.  Standard rates can be expected with some carriers.  However if it’s been over 5 years since a hospitalization and you are using medications on an “as-needed” basis, we can secure preferred offers.

Severe Asthma: Frequent attacks that require regular hospital visits treated with medications including steroids.  This will be considered a sub-standard risk and rates will be based on a number of factors that we’ll list below.

Keep in mind it matters what life insurance company you use.  For example, last week we helped someone with mild asthma that takes 2 medications.  He had recently received a “Standard” offer from a very reputable company.  We were able to secure “Preferred Plus” rates and save him over 20% on his payments.  We simply used the right company for his situation.

Life Insurance with Asthma Information

Here is what a life insurance agent needs to know in order to provide accurate rates.  If an agent doesn’t ask these questions, they are merely guessing what your rates are.

  • Date of diagnosis?
  • What type of asthma has been diagnosed?  
  • Do you know what leads to the asthmatic attacks? 
  • What is the frequency of attacks? During last year, last 2 years and last 3 years?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized from an asthma attack?  If so, date? How long in hospital? Circumstances?
  • What medications are you taking? Dates used? Quantity? Frequency?
  • Do you currently smoke?  Have you in the past? (details)

With this information, we can reference over 60 top rated life insurance companies and find you the lowest asthma life insurance rates.  If a life insurance agent doesn’t ask you these questions, then they are only guessing what your rates will be. 

No Medical Exam Life Insurance with Asthma Options

If you have moderate, mild or seasonal asthma, we can secure you life insurance without a medical exam.  Keep in mind, asthma life insurance rates with no exam will be a little more expensive than taking the exam, but it’s an easier process.  

We’ve obtained very affordable life insurance rates for those with asthma.  Our experience in underwriting asthma is second to none and we encourage you to give us a call or fill out the form on the right.  We’ll provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

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