Least Expensive Life Insurance for 44 Year Olds


Okay, you’re in your 40s. Your life is very different than in was in your 20s. You no longer eat leftover pizza for a week straight.

You probably have a lot more responsibility. You have loved ones who need your paycheck. You might have a mortgage loan and tons of debt.

You might not have needed a life insurance policy when you were just out of college, but now in your 40s, you have to have one in place.

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Cheap Term Life Insurance Quotes for 44 Year Olds


Let’s get to the important parts of coverage, the cost. How much can you expect to pay for coverage? It depends.

We’ve run the numbers and came up with some generic quotes.

Term life insurance for a 44 year old male “Preferred” health class, monthly rates:

$50,000  $100,000   $250,000   $500,000  $1,000,000
10 year term              $10          $12            $20            $34             $60
15 year term              $12          $14            $24            $43             $79
20 year term              $13          $18            $32            $58             $106

44 year old male “Standard” health class:

$50,000  $100,000  $250,000  $500,000  $1,000,000
10 year term               $13         $15           $29           $51             $94
15 year term               $15         $20           $38           $70             $131
20 year term               $18         $24           $49           $96             $176

Same policies, but for a 44 year old female “Preferred” health class :

$50,000  $100,000  $250,000  $500,000  $1,000,000
10 year term               $9           $10           $18           $30            $49
15 year term               $10         $12           $21           $37            $66
20 year term               $12         $14           $26           $45            $83

44 year old female “Standard” health class:

$50,000  $100,000  $250,000   $500,000   $1,000,000
10 year term               $12         $12           $22            $38              $70
15 year term               $14         $16           $30            $54              $102
20 year term               $15         $19           $38            $71              $131

How to Save Money on Your Life Insurance

Older applicants pay more. You can’t turn back the clock, but there are some other techniques to secure better insurance quotes.

You’re in your 40s. You’ve cut out the old pizza, but you might not be in the best shape. For most people, their health starts to decline the older they get, which means you might be required to pay more expensive premiums.

One common problem which causes some of our clients to pay more is their weight. If you are overweight and needing life insurance or want to know what high risk insurance is; if so, we can help. Some companies have better weight guidelines than others. We can connect you with those companies.

If you have some red marks on your medical history, you need a company who is understanding and will still give you a plan you can afford. Some companies are more tolerant of risk. Those companies are better for high-risk clients. Don’t let your health drive up your rates.

Which Life Insurance Plan is Best at Age 44

Before you buy a plan, you need to decide why you’re purchasing the coverage in the first place. Your needs are going to dictate which plan to buy and how much coverage you should invest in.

The length you need for your coverage will depend also on what the coverage is for. If it is to supplement your income then you will only need coverage until you retire. If you want to buy life insurance to pay off your debt, you need a plan until your mortgage loan is settled.

Maybe you can’t afford the size plan you need, which is okay. We always say that some coverage is better than no coverage.

Term Vs. Whole for 44-Year-Olds

Aside from the amount of protection, you need to decide the kind of coverage. There are two main camps, term insurance and whole life insurance.

It isn’t difficult to decipher the differences between the two. Even if you aren’t an insurance expert, it’s simple. Whole life insurance is active for your whole life (or until you reach the maximum age). Term life insurance is active for a certain period of time.

At 44, whole life insurance is going to be pretty expensive. Whole life insurance policies are more efficient for younger applicants, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them.
If you want the most cost effective option for life insurance, then term is the best choice. Term insurance is cheaper.


Bottom Line

The most important thing about getting life insurance cheaply, is to use the services of a recommended independent life insurance agency.

We can create custom quotes for you based on over 60 companies. We let us you but all of the most popular companies and plan side-by-side. There is no better way to compare policies.

If you work with an independent insurance agency, you get a lot of benefits.

You don’t have to spend all day on the phone talking to various companies. Make one phone call and then you’re done. Don’t waste your time.
You don’t have to spend more on life insurance. What are the chances of you calling the cheapest life insurance company on the first try? It’s not likely.

Also, you’re going to get professional insurance advice for free. We don’t charge you anything, but you will give unbiased advice from agents who have been in the market for years and years.

There is no better way to get life insurance protection. If you want to get professional advice on your life insurance search, go ahead and give us a call. Sure, you probably don’t want to spend your afternoon thinking about your death, but we can make the process painless.


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