Life Insurance and Dip – 3 Steps to Finding the Best Rates!

Life Insurance and DipIf you dip, pay close attention to this article since you’re researching life insurance.  Following our advice will secure you the lowest life insurance rates available.

First, lets start by acknowledging that many dippers are paying way more for term life insurance than they should be paying.  The biggest reason is because they’re paying “smoker” or “tobacco” life insurance rates.  The majority of life insurance companies out there will classify you as a tobacco user which more than DOUBLES your life insurance rates!

The key in finding the lowest cost life insurance if you dip is to find a company that will give you regular “non-tobacco” rates.

There are only a handful of top rated life insurance companies that offer non-tobacco rates for dippers and we work with all of them.

Finding affordable coverage and using any form of smokeless tobacco, including dip, comes down to 3 important steps:

1.  Find the companies that will give you non-tobacco rates. 

We’re not talking obscure life insurance companies that do this.  There are several top rated life insurance companies out there, including big names like Prudential and MetLife.

2.  Out of those companies, find the company that works best with those in your situation.

We’ll qualify the rest of your health to see who will give you the lowest overall rates from the companies that will offer the “non-tobacco” rates.

3.  Qualify for your coverage. 

Prepare for the medical exam and let your agent take it from there.  It’s up to your agent to sell your risk to the underwriter by informing them of your dipping habit in the most favorable light.  Make sure you work with an agent that has experience finding dippers affordable coverage.

The good news is we help you through all 3 steps.  Don’t be intimidated by them.  This is second nature to us.

We work with dippers all the time and ALWAYS secure them the best non-smoker rates available on the market and frequently keep them away from any high risk life insurance rates.

If you’re interested in applying for life insurance and you dip, feel free to reach out.  We’ll find the best rates available for your unique risk.

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