Elevated Liver Function Tests and Life Insurance

Elevated Liver Functions Life Insurance

One of the most common abnormalities found in the lab work from a life insurance medical exam are elevated liver function tests.

If you’ve been rated by a life insurance company because of your liver enzymes, there may be better options out there. Don’t feel obligated to take the offer. Let me explain.

What are Liver Function Tests?

Elevations in SGOT (or AST) and SGPT (or ALT) are typically caused by liver damage which allows these enzymes to be released out of the cells. The GGT (or GGTP) test is a very sensitive enzyme for the detection of early liver disease or damage and it will also rise when the liver is busy metabolizing some types of drugs or toxins – like alcohol.

What do Elevated Liver Function Tests mean to life insurers?

There are many impairments that cause elevations in the different liver enzyme tests like hepatitis, cirrhosis, excess alcohol use or liver cancer. Medications can also increase liver enzymes, such as Allopurinol, Dilatin and Phenobarbital.

The goal in underwriting abnormal liver tests for life insurance is to determine the underlying cause and rate the case for that issue. The underwriter will consider the degree of elevation, the clinical history, and the current physical findings and then rate the customer for high risk life insurance or standard.

What can you do to make sure you get the best life insurance rate with elevated liver functions?

There are SEVERAL life insurance carriers that are more aggressive than others with elevated liver function tests. Preferred or Preferred Plus rates aren’t out of the question if even slightly elevated. In order to determine which carrier offers you the lowest rate, here’s what the information we need from you:

1. How long have you had elevated liver functions? Is it a new finding?
2. Was the testing done by your physician or was it found in the lab results from the life insurance exam?
3. How elevated are the tests? (1x normal, 2x normal, more than 3x normal)
4. Has there been a positive alcohol marker test? If so, what is your drinking history/habits?
5. Is there a known cause of the elevations? Has your physician reviewed the elevated labs?

Once we know the answers to these questions, along with other health and lifestyle questions, we’ll review over 60 life companies and find the best rate based on your situation.

Most consumers make the mistake of paying more than they should for life insurance because they dealt with an agent who didn’t know where to take them after learning about the elevated liver functions. Don’t make this mistake.

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