SBLI Life Insurance Company Review

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SBLI is a fantastic life insurance company and we work with them every day.  The biggest thing is making sure you can qualify for life insurance with SBLI, so lets cover (in general) what SBLI will and won’t insure:

SBLI Underwriting

Uninsurable medical scenarios with SBLI:

• Aids/HIV + status
• ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
• Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or significant cognitive impairments related to functionality
• Cancer diagnosis within last 2 years
• Chronic pain treatment, severe, receiving disability, narcotic use
• Cirrhosis of the Liver
• Congestive heart Failure
• COPD/Emphysema or chronic bronchitis- Severe or with current nicotine use
• Cystic Fibrosis
• Defibrillator use
• Depression, severe , recurrent or with multiple in-patient hospitalization history
• Diabetes with co-morbidities that include significant cardiac disease, or impairment of renal function or mobility
• Heart/Cardiac Disease- multiple vessels diagnosed within 2 years or any past history with current nicotine use
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Multiple Sclerosis, if symptoms progressing
• Organ Transplants, in most scenarios
• Quadriplegia
• Pulmonary hypertension
• Renal failure, Renal insufficiency- severe
• Stroke within 1 year
• Suicide attempt within 5 years
• Surgical repair of heart valves, aneurysms, intracranial tumors, major organs within six months, including gastric bypass

Uninsurable non-medical scenarios:
• Marijuana use, 4 or more times weekly
• Substance abuse/ misuse within last 5 years
• Criminal activity- any history within the last 10 years
• DUI, more than 2 or under age 25 if within 1 year
• Unemployed (other than homemakers or retired) with minimal household income or dependent on SSI/disability benefits
• Bankruptcy filing within 2 years
• Liens/Judgements- outstanding activity that exceeds $50K

Scenarios that will likely be highly rated if determined to be insurable. A discussion with SBLI Underwriting via quick quote or hotline suggested prior to submission with details of impairment(s) :

Sub-standard medical scenarios with SBLI:
• Cancer treatment- diagnosis greater than 2 years ago (except for Basal or Squamous cell)
• Type of cancer, staging, grade, treatment, etc required for best assessment.
• Chronic Pain, mild-moderate, fully functional, one healthcare provider prescribing pain medication, no increase in dosage, not more than one medication
• Depression, moderate-severe, well managed, no in-patient hospitalization history
• Diabetes
• Heart/Cardiac Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Renal insufficiency, mild-moderate, or progressing
• Respiratory ailments, mild-moderate, not dependent on oxygen treatment or regular breathing treatments, minimal impact to pulmonary function
• Stroke history within 5 years (uninsurable within last 12 months)
• Surgical repair of heart valves, aneurysms, intracranial tumors, major organs after six months, including gastric bypass

Life insurance is an essential part of financial planning in general. SBLI Life Insurance ReviewSo, it is important that you have the proper variables in place when choosing a life insurance policy.

Certainly, these criteria will include items such as the type and amount of coverage. This is so that your loved ones and beneficiaries will be able to pay off debt, continue forward with ongoing income, or move forward with any other purpose in which the policy was purchased for. Many put off their purchase of Life Insurance coverage due to the fact of health issues, but there are still options out there for anyone whose major advantage is the very limited number of health questions they must ask, and approval rates are very high.

There is another key factor that you should ideally keep in mind when purchasing a life insurance policy – and that is the actual insurance company through which you buy. You want to look for a company with strong financial history. The second thing is to make sure that company is consistent when paying out claims.

We have a great list of the 10 best life insurance companies that can help you narrow down your search! We also offer reviews on many different companies such as, Zander Insurance, Primerica Life Insurance and United Home. for you to learn the pros and cons of each company to help you make a well rounded life insurance purchase decision.


The History of SBLI Life Insurance Company

SBLI, or the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company, has been in the business of offering insurance products for more than 100 years. The company was initially founded back in the year 1907, and since that time, it has been known for providing some of the lowest premium rates in the U.S. for both men and women on coverage.

One of the key reasons for this is the company’s long history of its financial strength and stability, as well as its extremely prudent investment approach – regardless of what is happening in the overall economy.

The company’s founder, Louis D. Brandeis was once quoted as saying, “Most of the things worth doing in the world have been declared impossible before they were done.” Before founding SBLI, he had an idea that he had refused to accept was impossible – that of providing life insurance that was both affordable and dependable to all of the families that needed it.

At the time the company was started, the United States was in the midst of one of the worst stock market crashes in the country’s history – and it was because of this, and the failure of large U.S. companies and Banks, that Louis Brandeis had the idea to begin a company that was true to the American people.

Ever since SBLI was started, the company has grown and thrived. Initially started in Massachusetts, it now offers products in 48 states and in the District of Columbia. It did not take long for SBLI to quickly expand its reach.

By 1930, the company had already reached the $100 million in assets under management mark, and by 1964, it had $1 billion in life insurance in force. Just 34 years later, in 1998, the company had reached $20 billion in life insurance in force. By 2012, life insurance in force had reached $125 billion, and over one million families were being served.

SBLI Life Insurance Company Review

A big part of the reason SBLI has been so successful is its focus on superior customer service, as well as its financial stability and its dependable products. The company’s service reps can be reached between the business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday. They may also be reached via email. Also, customers can also set up an account online where they can view and / or update their policy information, as well as make a premium payment or file a claim.

In order to help customers in learning more about life insurance, and how it can help them in solving their specific needs, SBLI has a great deal of information located directly on its website. This information is located on the company’s Learning Center. Website visitors can also download a No Nonsense Guide to Increasing Savings guide, as well as other No-Nonsense guides on various types of life insurance, such as Term Life, Whole Life, Converting Term Life to Whole Life, and Life Insurance in general.

SBLI is also very involved in the community. The company has a long history of sponsorships and partnerships in the areas that it serves.

For example, just some of the areas in which SBLI has partnered include:

• The American Heart Association
• Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program
• Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk
• The New England Center and Home for Veterans
• The Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance
• The Rodman Ride for Kids
• Woburn Memorial High School
• The New England Center for Children

The company has also earned many endorsements from organizations such as:

• AAA Southern New England
• The Massachusetts Bankers Association
• AAA Merrimack Valley

SBLI Life Insurance Company Ratings and BBB Grade

Because of its strong financial stability and its extremely positive reputation for paying out claims to its policyholders, SBLI Life Insurance Company holds high ratings from the life insurance rating agencies. These agencies are a great resource for researching the financial stability of an insurance carrier.

These ratings include the following:

• A+ (Superior) from A.M. Best
• A- (Strong) from Standard & Poor’s
• Good from Weiss Ratings

Accredited since 2007, SBLI has a A+ grade given by the Better Business Bureau.

Life Insurance Products Offered Through SBLI

SBLI Life Insurance Company has many products of the life insurance variety. These include both term and permanent – which can allow its customers to choose which makes the most sense for them and their specific coverage needs.

Term Life Insurance Coverage

Term life insurance coverage offers pure death benefit protection. Because of this, term can be a very affordable way to coverage your life insurance needs. This is especially true if you are younger and in good health at the time that you apply for the coverage.

With a term life insurance policy, the coverage is purchased for a specific period, such as for ten years, 20 years, 25 years, or 30 years. However, once that period has elapsed, then the term life insurance will expire – and, if an insured would like to continue having life insurance, then he or she must then either obtain another policy, pay higher premiums on the current term policy, or convert the term policy over to a permanent form of coverage.

Because of the insured’s then-current older age, the new premium can be quite a bit higher. If, however, the insured has certain health condition, he or she may not qualify for new coverage at that time.

Term life insurance is often considered to be good for those who are seeking “temporary” life insurance protection. For example, it can be a good form of coverage for those who are wanting protection for the payoff of a home mortgage or for ensuring that a child or a grandchild will have money to attend the college of their choice. It can also be a great way to ensure that you have a nice amount of life insurance protection if you don’t have a lot in your budget for life insurance at a particular time in your life – especially at a younger age.

SBLI offers term life coverage for 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. And, term life coverage amounts can range between $100,000 and $30 million. (For those who apply between the age of 70 and 74, there is a $10 million maximum coverage amount).

There is also a yearly renewable term life option through SBLI. With this type of coverage, the policy will renew each year, meaning that the yearly premium paid will be determined every year, based on the policy holder’s current age.

Permanent Life Insurance Coverage

Permanent life insurance coverage offers will pay out the face value, or you can withdraw it and receive premiums paid plus the interest earned. This type of life insurance is intended to remain in force for the entire lifetime of the insured. SBLI offers a whole life insurance option for both adults and for children.

Whole life insurance is insurance protection that covers you for your whole life – provided that the premium is paid. This insurance has a premium amount that is locked in, as well as a guaranteed death benefit. In addition, the cash value will grow at a guaranteed rate of interest.

Also, the cash value is allowed to grow on a tax-deferred basis – which means you only pay taxes once you take out cash against the policy.

Cash from a whole life insurance policy can be either borrowed or withdrawn at any time by the policyholder, and for any reason, including the supplementing of retirement income or the payoff of debt.

With SBLI, the insurance coverage amounts with whole life insurance can range between $25,000 and $30 million, based on the age of the insured. There are also various riders that can be added to the policies to help in customizing the coverage to better meet policyholder needs.

SBLI Life Insurance Company offers several options for whole life insurance, including the following:

• Continuous Payment Whole Life
• Limited Payment Whole Life
• Single Premium Payment Whole Life

SBLI also offers a whole life insurance option for children. While people do not want to think about the loss of a while, this can happen – and if it does, life insurance proceeds can help to pay the final expenses.

This coverage can be purchased on the life of a child who is between the age of 0 and 14. The coverage amounts can range between $10,000 and $1 million, and the policy can last for the lifetime of the child. The premium can be locked in, and the policy’s cash value can grow and compound over time.

Other Coverage Products Offered

SBLI also offers other products in addition to just life insurance. These include:

Annuities – An annuity can help to pay an income for the remainder of a person’s lifetime. These insurance products can start to pay out an income immediately, or they can allow their holder to save money over time, and then pay out the income stream starting at a date in the future.

Elder Care – Due to our increasing life expectancies, it is likely that many people today will need long-term care. This care, however, can be expensive. A long-term care insurance policy can help to alleviate some or all of these costs.

How and Where to Find the Best Premium Quotes on Life Insurance Coverage

We partner with multiple insurers, which means that you can directly compare many policies – and premiums – before making a decision. If you are ready to see which option may work the best for you and your goals, just simply fill the quote form and it’ll be sent right to us.

We can be reached by dialing 888-430-7668. Our experts can walk you through the quote process, as well as help you to determine the policy that will be the best for you. There are many options that are available to you today regarding coverage. But with us on your side to help you in narrowing them down.

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