Life Insurance In Your 40’s

Obtaining life insurance in your 40s is still very affordable, and is a highly recommended time to start shopping for a policy. In our archives we have many articles and extensive reading which is relevant for anyone in their 40s who is looking for a life insurance policy.

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Life Insurance Over 40

Many people believe that once they reach the age of 40, life insurance premiums are so high that they’ll never be able to obtain an affordable policy. In fact, quite the opposite is true, and life insurance coverage for people in their 40s is surprisingly inexpensive. One of our biggest pieces of advice that we give to everyone looking for life insurance, is to get insured as soon as possible. The sooner you become a policyholder, the cheaper your policy will be. Even a few years time can make a huge difference.

The biggest thing to remember is, the older you are, the more expensive you will be to insure. Life insurance for older people costs more, since they won’t be paying their monthly premiums for as long before death. This means the earlier you get insured, the better. Not only will you be covered in the event of an accident much sooner, but your premiums will be so much lower. This allows you to keep more cash in your bank account every month.

We often get asked by people in their 40s how much it will cost to insure them, but there’s really no good way to answer that question. There is no system that says life insurance for a 41 year-old costs a certain amount less than it does for a 43 year-old.

Instead, each insurance company will want you to undergo a medical exam and an underwriting process before you can be provided with a quote. You will be asked many questions about your health which you will need to answer and address honestly. While your age does affect your life insurance premium, the bigger factors have to do with your health.

The underwriters will be very interested in any health complications you’ve had in the past and which ones you are still experiencing now. There is no use trying to cover up any of these, as most of them will present themselves naturally during your physical exam. That said, there are ways of answering their questions truthfully, that won’t cause your rates to go up.

Since being in your 40s is in no way a “condition”, there is no special set of rules for 40 year olds for answering the underwriters questions. The more important thing to pay attention to is any medical complications you’ve had in the past. Most people don’t know how to answer the underwriter’s questions about their own conditions in a proper way. That is why before you apply for term life insurance benefits, we recommend you get in touch with one of our agents. We can help to walk you through the process of answering the underwriters questions in a way that will still allow you to obtain affordable rates. We will act as the underwriters and guide you through the questions, before shopping your rates around to many different companies. Once we’ve found you the best policies available, we will help you pick through them all individually.

Doing things this way not only saves you time, but saves you money as well. You don’t need to call up all the different companies, and you still can get your insurance for cheaper than if you were to apply on your own.

Before you do anything else though, have a look through our archives below for obtaining life insurance in your 40s.

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