Best Life Insurance for Helicopter Pilots

helicopters and life insuranceIf you’re a helicopter pilot and are in the market for life insurance, please take 4 minutes to read this article so you don’t make the mistakes many do when applying for life insurance.

We’ve been working with commercial, military and private helicopter pilots for years and are often referred around.  (If you were referred to us, please let us know who referred you so we can thank them)

Working with an independent life insurance agency that has the expertise, experience and resources to secure the lowest life insurance for helicopter pilots is critical.

This article will help you secure the best possible life insurance rates.

Life Insurance Tips for Helicopter Pilots

First of all, DO NOT use an online life insurance quote engine.  The majority of life insurance companies are going to add a “flat extra” to those rates.  You’ll want to speak with a helicopter life insurance expert.

An expert in underwriting helicopter pilots can help you avoid that “flat extra” charge.  We represent over 60 life insurance companies and have done our market research for helicopter pilots and 90% of life insurance companies will charge that pesky flat extra no matter what your risk is.

A “flat extra” charges an extra dollar amount per $1,000 of coverage (on top of the regular premium).  For example, a $5 flat extra on a $250,000 policy would add $1,250 per year to your policy ($5 x 250).

The key in finding the cheapest life insurance for helicopter pilots is finding a company that won’t give you this flat extra charge…or give you the lowest flat extra available for your risk.

What We Need To Know About Your Flying

Listed below is the information we’ll need to ask about your helicopter piloting to secure the best life insurance rates:

  • Total PIC (Pilot in Command) hours
  • Average PIC hours annually
  • PIC hours last year
  • Type of Helicopter (Make and Model)
  • FAA Certification Date
  • Type of Pilot License (Private, Commercial, Flight Instructor, Instrument Cert, Airline Transport etc)
  • Any Violations or Accidents?

If these questions aren’t asked, your agent is just taking a shot in the dark.

In general, the more PIC hours under your belt, the better.

Based on the information above, we’re able to shop your risk to all of the top rated life insurance companies on the market.  We already know which companies provide the lowest life insurance rates for helicopter pilots – so we zero in on those companies.

Recent Case Study

Life Insurance for Helicopter PilotsWe had a gentleman contact us to shop the rates he received from his local life insurance agent.

He’s a 38 year old male with no health issues.
Total PIC hours: 500 (1,000 total hours)
Flies an average of 96 hours annually
Flies a Black Hawk UH-60 for the National Guard
FAA Commercial Certification in 2008 and also Instrument rated.
No violations or accidents

He was quoted a $5 flat extra and told this was the best he could qualify for.

He found us online and we sent his risk out to the carriers we know to have the most aggressive underwriting for helicopter pilots.

We had quotes from 3 carriers with NO flat extra and one A+ rated carrier offered Preferred rates.  (We would reveal these carriers, but don’t want to give away our trade secrets online)

Obviously our client was ecstatic about these rates.

Our Process

So how do we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry in securing the cheapest life insurance rates for helicopter pilots?

Simple.  We spent the time to do market research from over 60 life insurance companies.  On top of that, we have a unique qualifying process that’s labor intensive for us (something most agents aren’t willing to do).

Here’ what we do:

  1. Qualify your helicopter flying background and health history
  2. Pre-qualify your risk by sending it to underwriters at the companies that consistently give the best rates for helicopter pilots. (24-48 hour turnaround time)
  3. Present you the best offers.

These “pre-qualification” offers we receive back are called “tentative offers”.  Meaning if everything we explained to the underwriter is validated in underwriting, then they have to give us this rating.

These tentative offers are given to us in writing, so we can attach them to your application.

Bottom Line

Hopefully we’ve demonstrated that our team at Rootfin has the experience in finding the cheapest life insurance rates for helicopter pilots.  Whether you’re flying a Chinook, Huey, Apache, Comanche, Cobra, Black Hawk or ANY military, commercial or private helicopter, we can help.

We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.  Please call us or complete our quote request form on the right and we’ll get in touch with you.

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Nigel Cooper

45y/o former military Huey Pilot, non-smoker great health. Looking for $750k 20yr life term. Must cover me in US, Canada and Mexico working for US company. Also fly fixed-wing. ATP, 5000PIC.

March 20, 2018 at 4:52 pm
    Jeff Root

    Hi Nigel,

    No problem on covering you in those countries. Just need more information on your experience to get you accurate rates.

    April 3, 2018 at 6:26 pm
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