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online life insurance pricesComparing life insurance prices online is as simple as using the life insurance quote engine.  (Small screen shot of our life insurance price comparison software on the right)

Now the question then becomes, can you qualify for those life insurance prices?

Prices for life insurance vary between underwriting classes. There are 5 major health classifications you can qualify for in life insurance:

  • Preferred Plus
  • Preferred
  • Standard Plus
  • Standard
  • Substandard (Table 1 – Table 8)

It’s important to understand that life insurance underwriters will ALWAYS offer the best possible rate class given their findings on your application, medical exam and medical records…no matter what rate class you apply for.

Most people believe that they’re healthy and will pick automatically choose the “Preferred Plus” health classification…in fact over 65% of quotes on our website are run at “Preferred Plus” rating.  However, industry-wide studies show less than 5% of the population can actually qualify for this health classification.

Our point here is when you’re comparing prices for life insurance, your health classification is the one variable that you don’t know.

That’s where we come in.

If you hover over the “health class” on our life insurance price quoter, you’ll get a quick suggestion on how to rate yourself.  No one else on the internet strives to give you this “at a glance” information like we do.

If you’re not in perfect health, or you have some red marks on your medical history, you can save yourself some headaches by calling us and letting us do all of the shopping around for you.

Online Life Insurance Prices Are Not Created Equal

Here’s why:

  • Many life insurance websites don’t sell life insurance – they simply sell your information to other life insurance agencies.  We are licensed agents here to help you find the lowest priced life insurance policy.  If you request an application or a phone call, one of our experienced life insurance agents will be calling you.
  • Our instant life insurance quotes show all the top rated life insurance companies in a side by side life insurance cost comparison.  We’ve invested the money to make it easier to compare pricing, financial ratings and even change your quotes on the fly to fit your budget.
  • We provide you accurate and up to date life insurance rates from the nation’s top rated carriers.  If there’s a rate increase or reduction, our software reflects those changes as soon as they’re released.
  • Our application process is efficient.  90% of our carriers allow us to do business electronically.  Meaning you don’t have to fill our a long life insurance application – we actually complete the application with you over the phone and send it to you for an e-signature.  It doesn’t get much easier that!

The life insurance prices on our website are accurate and pulled directly from the life insurance company’s rate books.  You don’t have to worry about that.

Tips For Securing The Lowest Life Insurance Prices

Besides comparing life insurance prices online, here are some other money saving tips:

Tip #1:  Life insurance prices per month are more expensive than if you paid annually.  If you want to save some money over the next year, consider paying annually.  It usually comes to around a 4% discount depending on the carrier.  Most companies let you make your first payment on a credit card – so rack up those points as well!

Tip #2:  Prepare for the life insurance medical exam.  Consider scheduling your exam in the morning, preferably after you wake up.  You get a good 8 hour fast and your body is relaxed in the morning – giving you more favorable readings on your exam. Read more exam tips here.

Tip #3:  Use an independent life insurance agent who doesn’t have any bias to any specific life insurance companies.  An independent agency (like Rootfin), can offer any company without the pressures of “pushing” a certain product.

Now what?

Comparing prices for life insurance is a very important factor in securing the cheapest life insurance prices, but it doesn’t end there.  Make sure you follow through with the tips we provided and you’re well on your way to finding the best life insurance prices available.

Perhaps you’re needing a no medical exam life insurance policy. We can help no matter what needs you may have. Call us today!


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