piggy bank. Saving money on life insurance

11 Ways You Can Save Money On Your Life Insurance

Life insurance is a big investment.  Over the course of a lifetime, a difference in monthly life insurance rates of even just a few dollars can add up to thousands of dollars. On top of that, life insurance protects your family.  While you may be able to find the best rates, you want to be […]

Average Life Insurance Cost

No matter what your age, health, or lifestyle may be, purchasing a life insurance policy is something that may certainly be in the best interest of you and your family. With a quality life insurance policy, you can gain access to the long-term financial protection you need. Because of this, and the high costs associated […]

what to do when someone dies

What To Do When Someone Dies [Critical Advice]

Death is inevitable so whether it is a spouse, parent or another close friend or family member who has passed, it is important to know what to do when someone dies. Most of us have had a family member or friend die and can remember their funeral and how your loved one is missed at […]

Long Term Care Insurance Using A Life Insurance Policy

If you were to pass away, do you know what’s going to happen to your debts? They are going straight to your family. That’s where I life insurance policy comes in. It will give your family the money that they need to get through the difficult time, without being stranded with a mountain of debt. […]

Life Insurance Rate Class

When you’re looking to take out life insurance coverage, the way that life insurance companies work out your rates depends on which life insurance rate class you fit into and this is where your life and medical history come into the picture. Your general overall health plays a big part in how the insurance rate […]

life insurance child rider

Life Insurance Child Rider – Is It Worth It?

Getting life insurance for yourself or your spouse a no brainer. What about getting insurance coverage for your kids? Is it worth the money? How much does it cost? Where do you start to get this coverage? Life insurance on your children is a sensitive subject. No one wants to even think about the untimely […]

life insurance application process

Life Insurance Application Process

Life insurance isn’t like most products that you can buy and take home with you immediately. There are several different components of the application process, unlike something that you buy from a grocery store. The application process can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks.  It’s important to understand the process if you’re in the market for life […]

Life Insurance

What Kind Of Life Insurance Do I Need? And Do I Really Need It?

Let’s talk about life insurance for a minute. Do you really need it? If you’re young, your initial instinct is probably to say, “No! I’m young, strong, and able to drink a case of Red Bull without flinching. Why would I need life insurance?” You laugh in the face of danger and regularly defy death […]

independent life insurance broker

Independent Life Insurance Broker – What This Means to You

Buying life insurance means you’re about to make one of the more important financial decisions of your life. The best way to do that is by working with an independent life insurance agent. There are a lot of questions about these agents and the advantages that they bring. For a life insurance broker to be […]

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