Term Life Insurance Conversion

Need information of a term life insurance conversion?

Look no further. Rootfin will make the process simple and provide all your options.  Even if we’re not the agent on the policy, we can still help you!

Being independent, we can convert most of the life insurance companies on the market.

We help consumers on a daily basis by answering any questions and providing the information needed to make the right decision on a term life insurance conversion.

Insured COuple

Buying a term policy with a “conversion” rider, is one of the best values your life insurance policy has.

The most common reasons our clients convert their term term life insurance policies is:

– Their term policy is about to expire
– They’ve developed some health issues
– Needs changed from a temporary need to a permanent one.

The biggest mistake consumers make when exercising this term life insurance conversion option is contacting the life insurance company directly.

Here are 3 critical reasons why you should contact us when considering a term life insurance conversion:

  1. There are different options in converting.
    For example: you can convert your full death benefit or a portion of your death benefit. A customer service representative isn’t licensed to give you advice on what to do.  We’ll present you all your options.
  2. There are different products you can convert to.
    Life insurance companies have several different permanent products – all meant for different objectives. You need to be sure the permanent policy you’re converting to meets your objectives and is the most competitive option.  We have seen every kind of question even things as obscure as “What is a Collateral Assignment?”
  3. The language in the paperwork to complete a conversion can be confusing. The life insurance conversion paperwork combined with the illustration of premiums is confusing for the typical consumer.  We’ll make sense of it all and answer any questions you may have.

Let us guide you through the process.  We’ll listen to your objectives, keep your budget in mind and recommend the right product for conversion.  We don’t charge for this service because the life insurance company will pay us to help you.

Here’s what a term life insurance conversion involves:

1.  We review your current term life insurance policy and determine the products that are available for conversion.  We’ll advise you what the best options are for your situation.

2.  When you’re ready to do a conversion, we’ll have you sign an “Agent of Record” form, basically naming us as your new agent of the policy.  This lets us complete the conversion.

3. You sign the conversion forms and new life insurance illustration.

That’s it!

If you’re considering a term life insurance conversion, our FREE life insurance conversion analysis will provide you with a valuable document showing all your available conversion options.   Fill out the form on the right or call us at (888)430-7668 to get started.

If you are considering a external term life insurance conversion with any of the companies below, please click through for more specific information.

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