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Fidelity Life Insurance has been around since 1896 and currently holds an "A-" (excellent) holding with AM Best. (AM Best is the industry benchmark for financial strength in the life insurance industry). 

Fidelity Life Insurance company is truly a unique company in the industry.  They have combined underwriting and technology to create an application process that can be completely done online.  Decisions are usually made within 48 hours.

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How is Fidelity Life Insurance able to underwrite an application in 48 hours?  Simple, on top of your answers on the Fidelity application they pull information from 3 different bureau's:

1.  MIB (Medical Information Bureau) - Gives underwriting information found on other insurance applications you've submitted.
2.  Pharmacy Check - They'll know all the medications you're currently taking or have taken in the past.
3.  MVR - The check your motor vehicle record for DUI's, wreckless driving tickets, etc.  (if you don't have a DL, Fidelity Life Insurance will not approve you) 

Fidelity Life Insurance has a 10, 15, 20 and 30 year term policy they call "Rapid Decision Term".  They also have a competitive graded death benefit whole life policy and an accidental death benefit policy.

If you're looking to purchase life insurance with no medical exam, Fidelity Life Insurance has some of the best rates on the market. There are other companies out there that offer no medical exam life insurance or very limited health questions.

A Fidelity Life Insurance online application cannot be completed without the assistance of an agent.  A Fidelity appointed agent has to ask you a series of health questions and then they will email you a link for your signatures.  It's as simple as that.

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