Jeff Root – Life Insurance Expert

Life Insurance ExpertI’m an independent life insurance agent located in Austin, TX. I’ve been helping consumers all over the United States purchase life insurance since 2005.

Being independent means I’m able to offer any life insurance company I choose. Having access to virtually every top rated life insurance carrier on the market puts me in a position to offer the best rates available.  The biggest life insurance agencies in the country (i.e.Matrix Direct, SelectQuote, AccuQuote) can’t get better rates than I can.

In addition to being an independent life insurance agent, I consult with hundreds of insurance agents and underwriters across the United States on underwriting issues, best practices and technology.  I can assure you I have the knowledge and tools to not only get the best rates on the market, but to make the process as easy and as smooth as possible.

All the life insurance blog articles are written by myself to educate consumers on various health impairments (and how to obtain the best rates with those impairments), frequently asked questions and general advice.  Everyday I’m working with underwriters and advocating on behalf of my clients to push for the best rate possible and felt it was important to share my successes with the public so others can reap the benefits of favorable life insurance approvals.

Since 2005 I’ve put together my own database of underwriting niches and update it constantly.  I know who offers the best rates for diabetics, cancer survivors, individuals with heart conditions, those with psychological disorders etc.

If you would like to work with a life insurance expert who has the tools and knowledge to find you the best rates, I’m just a phone call away.

(888)430-7668 x101


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