Term Life Insurance Rate Chart

Term life insurance rate charts change all the time.  Life insurance companies update their rates regularly.

If you’ve here looking for a term life insurance rate chart…we have something MUCH better for you.

Consumers looking for a term life insurance rate chart are better served by using our instant life insurance quote tool on the right.

Quotes will be displayed instantly and you can see rates from the nation’s top rated life insurance companies.

If you have any questions about term life insurance, this blog post has all the answers you’ll need.

The problem with term life insurance rate charts is they become outdated since rates change all the time. Our life insurance rates you’ll see displayed on the next screen are accurate and constantly updated. All you have to do is select an affordable policy within your budget and contact you to complete the rest.

We recommend running an instant life insurance quote on our website so you can get an idea of life insurance rates. You can adjust the benefit amount and term length on the next screen to see how they effect your premiums.  We represent over 60 life insurance companies and will display quotes from the top life insurers on the next screen.

Whether the policy is for you, or for a member of your family, there will be an underwriting process before you can find out what rates are available to you.  While the rates quoted on the next screen are accurate, life insurance offers are made based on your health.  The key is finding out if you can qualify for the rates you selected (which we can do on the phone with you).

The rates quoted all depend on the risks you pose to the insurance company. Individuals who smoke for instance, will be seen as a higher risk and the insurance companies will provide you with a higher premium.

Before you start looking at these charts to find out what the insurance company’s products cost, you should plan to be in one of the following groups:

Preferred Plus No Nicotine
Preferred No Nicotine
Standard Plus No Nicotine
Standard No Nicotine
Preferred Nicotine
Standard Plus Nicotine
Standard Nicotine

If you don’t know what health classification you qualify for, it’s ok – most consumers don’t.  That’s what we’re here for.  But it you want ballpark numbers, just know that if you have any health issues, choose “standard” or “regular” rates when choosing your health class on our instant life insurance quoting software.

Also good to know is that less than 5% of people can qualify for preferred plus rates (the best rate class available)

It’s no secret that there are many factors that will determine the ultimate price of your plan, which can vary greatly and be very personalized.  For example, a smoker will almost always end up having to pay double.  Please also note, that smokers are seen as a much different class than users of smokeless tobacco (such as dip or chew) and smokeless tobacco users can often get the rates of non-nicotine users.

Before you can compare the level of rates available for term life insurance though, you will need to go through the application process to get real quotes. An agent can work with you to help you avoid answering questions in a way that will cause your rates to increase, based on the rating which is given out for various things like age, weight and fitness level.

Also, while you may qualify for life insurance with a certain company, that doesn’t mean they will end up quoting you a rate you will be able to pay. All applicants should review their choice of premiums carefully, before purchasing a plan. Everything is totally dependent on many different medical and health conditions, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to shop around to find the best deal.

In fact, an agency like us will work with you to find you the best rates on a plan that also gives you everything you need. Since we know how to answer the underwriters questions in a way that is honest, but not too revealing, the rates you can receive through an agent are often cheaper than what you can get on your own.

As a frame of reference, please refer to our instant quoting tool to find out the ballpark figure, and then contact us to find out how much cheaper we can get a plan for you. We can also provide you with quotes if you’re looking for the best life insurance for your parents

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