Low Cost Term Life Insurance in 2 Easy Steps!

Our mission here at Rootfin is to provide low cost term life insurance to every consumer searching for it.

We’ve found that most consumers aren’t being provided with the best option for their life insurance, so this article is here to help you find the least expensive plan that has the most value.

Take 3 minutes to read this full article and you’ll know more than 99% of consumers who are searching for the lowest cost term life insurance.

Step 1: Compare Low Cost Term Life Insurance Instant Quotes

Use our FREE instant quote service below (no contact information required), but first read this advice to obtain the lowest cost term life insurance.

Many life insurance websites will offer you life insurance instant quotes where you can view the most competitive carriers against each other. This is a good tool to get ballpark numbers.

It’s almost impossible for any consumer to know what health class they fall into since the guidelines can be wildly different among companies.

So be careful when viewing these. The biggest let down consumers have is thinking they can qualify for a certain rate, but when they speak with an agent about their health or lifestyle, they find out it’s more expensive.

The only variable you don’t know yet is your “Health Class”. If you have any health issues you’re concerned about, please contact us for accurate quotes. Here’s a quick guide to go off of if there aren’t any health issues:

Preferred Plus: No medical issues
Preferred: Minor medical issues (ie. blood pressure, cholesterol under control with meds)
Standard Plus: Minor build (height and weight) issues and/or some minor medical issues
Standard: Controlled health issues or moderate build issues.

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Step 2: Contact an independent agent to buy low cost term life insurance

Now that you have an idea of how much the life insurance will cost, you’ll want to contact an independent life insurance agency.

Independent life insurance agents and agencies more often than not have access to most carriers in the country. We work on behalf of our clients (YOU!) and not any insurance company.

A true independent agency will search the entire market for you to make sure you’re securing the lowest cost term life insurance rates. There are plenty of good independent agencies on the internet, including us.

Quick Tip: Beware of agencies that pose as being independent. The big name agencies you see on TV are not truly independent. They are call centers who only offer a handful of companies. The one’s you’ve probably heard of are SelectQuote, Matrix Direct, AIG Direct and Zander Insurance

If you have any health impairments (minor or major) you’ll especially want to find an experienced and independent life insurance agency. Every life insurance company will look at your risk differently, some more favorably than others. Having the experience to know which company looks at “X” risk (diabetes, COPD, obesity etc.) most favorably will provide you with the low cost term life insurance quotes you’re looking for.

Bottom Line. Use our instant quoter above to get ballpark online life insurance quotes. If those are financially realistic you can request an application through our website or call us at 888-430-7668 and we’ll make sure you can qualify for those rates, answer any questions and help you with the application.

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is the owner of rootfin.com. He's an independent life insurance agent who has helped 1,000's of consumers purchase life insurance online and over the phone.

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