FREE Life Insurance Prequalification Services

Life Insurance PrequalificationWhat is life insurance prequalification?
A prequalified quote is not an estimate of premiums.  It’s an accurate rate from an underwriter in writing – WITHOUT the need for submitting a formal application. 

Who should get prequalified?
Anyone with health issues or anyone worried about being declined.

Why should you get prequalified?
Life Insurance companies reference the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) on every application.  If you’ve ever been declined or “rated” for life insurance, it’s placed in your file and can make it increasingly difficult to obtain affordable coverage in the future.

What is the pre-qualification process?

  • A life insurance agent will take a mini-application detailing your health history. 
  • Once completed, the agent will submit this information ANONYMOUSLY to selected underwriters. 
  • The underwriters make their tentative offer based on all the information received.  This offer is good for 30 days.
  • Your agent will present you with the best rate. 
  • If you would like to move forward with this “tentative offer”, a formal application is submitted.  As long as information wasn’t withheld, the “tentative offer” will be your offer after full underwriting is completed.

How long does the prequalification process take?
2-10 days.  It all depends on how quick the underwriters respond.

How do I get prequalified?
Simply request the prequalification from  Either fill out our request form or call us.  We’ll complete an anonymous informal application over the phone and send it off to our underwriters.  No signatures from you are required. 

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