Life Insurance Is Not a Transaction, But a Journey

Life insurance policy reviewThose who have purchased life insurance and bought “some”coverage, in reality, may not have the peace of mind they initially sought out.  These policy holders should always be checking if they have “enough” coverage.

We understand that the cost of life insurance can prohibit consumers in getting the ideal amount of coverage.  That’s why you need to consider life insurance a journey.

The goal should be from getting “some coverage” to “enough coverage” over time.  It may not be possible for a year, 5 years or 10 years, but having enough coverage should not be ignored.  That’s where the role of your life insurance agent should come in.  Reviewing your life insurance on an annual basis is something every policy holder should do.

In some cases, we are shedding some coverage and lowering premiums.  For example, your kids graduate college and are no longer financially dependent on you, you retire, you pay off your mortgage etc.  These are reasons to potentially shed some life insurance coverage.

Just having life insurance does not protect your family.  It’s great that you took the step to purchase coverage, but the goal should be to have enough coverage and to have it last as long as someone will be financially dependent on you.  This can take some time, so make sure you work with an experienced agent who will be there for you to help you get to the point of have ENOUGH coverage.

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