Is Your Farmers Life Insurance Agent Holding You Captive?

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Farmers Life Insurance ReviewI love my Farmers Agent. Not only have I known her since I was a kid, but she really did save me hundreds of dollars on my car insurance! 

I had the opportunity to work with her while she was first building her agency and watched her help hundreds of people insure their cars, homes, boats and other valuables. 

Back then, I had the opportunity to work with Farmers and sell the same types of insurance she was selling. While I was exploring my options, I quickly learned the difference between a captive agent and a non-captive agent.

My friend is a captive agent, which means she is literally held captive by Farmers Insurance and is only allowed to offer her clients Farmers products.  While Farmers offers their clients affordable and dependable home and auto insurance policies, they can’t always insure you - particularly when it comes to your life insurance.

Farmers chooses to write a certain amount of risk for their life insurance business. They typically want to insure young, healthy individuals with (surprise, surprise) a clean driving record for average-sized policy amounts.  This is great if you fit into these parameters, but more often than not you don’t and you still need life insurance. While trying to choose which company would suit your needs best we have many company reviews that are available to you on our site, such as Globe Insurance Company. Make sure you are well educated on the companies that are available to you before making your final purchase decision. 

So what are you to do?

Talk to a non-captive, independent life insurance agent who can shop around for your insurance rates. Independent agents represent you, the insured, but they also have relationships with various insurance companies. These relationships are key to knowing who offers the best rates for your situation – whether you have Type I or Type II diabetes, if you smoke, if you are overweight, etc…  Working with an independent agent who has access to these insurance companies means that not only will you increase your chances of getting approved for life insurance, but you can also feel confident that you’re getting the most inexpensive premiums on the market.

If you would like to speak with a non-captive, independent life insurance agent, please contact us at (888) 430-7668.

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