Impaired Risk

Life Insurance for Overweight or Obese People

During the application process, the company is going to look at dozens of different factors to decide how much they are going to charge you for life insurance, or if they will accept your application. One of the biggest factors that the company is going to look at is your weight. If you’re overweight, then […]

life insurance with lupus

Affordable Life Insurance With Lupus

Being diagnosed with lupus can change the way you view your health and your life. It’s a dire diagnosis to receive. After you’ve been diagnosed with a serious health problem, like lupus, you will probably start thinking about life insurance and the protection your family will need. There are several different types to choose between […]

no medical exam life insurance for

No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Diabetics!

Quick Tip: Choose “Regular” health class on the quoter on the side of this page and view rates on the next screen. If you’re a well controlled Type 2 diabetic diagnosed over age 50, you can qualify for the rates displayed. Otherwise, you can still get coverage (with no exam even) but it will be a […]

Life Insurance With Chronic Back Pain

Everyone needs adequate life Insurance, but, as any back pain sufferer knows, good life insurance at a reasonable price can be very hard to find.  Life insurance with chronic back pain depends on several factors which we’ll discuss below. Typically we’ll be able to get you “Standard” or “Regular” rates.  To see those rates on […]

Life Insurance with Stent Surgery History

If you have had a partial blockage in any of your arteries and had to have surgery to enable stents to be put in place, you will know that this is actually a very routine procedure. Fortunately with the technology available today, it is a safe and effective method of actively prolonging a person’s life […]

life insurance after stroke

Obtaining Life Insurance After Having a Stroke

Obtaining life insurance after having a Stroke is difficult, but it can be done. In this article we will show you how to get affordable life insurance offers after having a Stroke and go over what you can expect in getting approved for life insurance. Applying for life insurance involves a lot of steps, and […]

life insurance with hep c

Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

At Rootfin, we’ve assisted dozens of consumers with Hepatitis C find affordable rates on life insurance. In fact, most of our clients were previously declined by another carrier. For these clients, finding the perfect carrier is key. Most importantly, don’t let anything stop you from getting life insurance. There are options for you such as […]

life insurance after heart attack

Securing Life Insurance After a Heart Attack

Many people have the misconception that because you’ve had a heart attack, you can’t qualify for life insurance.  This is absolutely FALSE.  We regularly secure coverage for our clients that have had a heart attack. Many life insurance agents play the game of “submit and pray” – not having a clue what will happen in […]

life insurance with sleep apnea

Life Insurance With Sleep Apnea

Over the past few years, life insurance rates with sleep apnea have been declining because life insurance companies are giving better health classifications. Back in 2009, a “Standard” health classification used to be the best case scenario.  Now we’re seeing preferred and preferred plus offers consistently! If you’ve purchased a policy within the last 5 […]

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