life insurance underwriting process

What is the Underwriting Process for Life Insurance?

If you’ve spent any time doing research for your life insurance, chances are you’ve bumped into the term “underwriting.” No matter what questions you may have regarding your life insurance coverage or what rates when browsing around for life insurance policies, everything is qualified with the ominous-sounding: “PENDING UNDERWRITING APPROVAL”. Doesn’t that sound like you […]

how much life insurance do you need

Estimating How Much Life Insurance You Need

You know life insurance is a must for financial stability, but what is a good rule of thumb for how much to purchase? Follow this guide to accurately estimate the right amount of coverage for yourself. Everyone’s life circumstances are different, and so it follows that each individual’s life insurance needs will be unique. Purchasing […]

Advice to Crush Your Life Insurance Medical Exam [Infographic]

Life insurance is all about risk, and applying for life insurance means you may have to go through a medical exam. Due to the risk, your life insurance company wants to have as much information as possible about your health and lifestyle. This is especially true with a serious health condition, like life insurance after […]

What Is A Collateral Assignment?

A collateral assignment of life insurance is a contract that allows the death benefit of a policy to be used as collateral, this is usually used in business loans (but also equipment, structured settlement buyouts and other loans). In the untimely event of the death of the person who is named on the life insurance […]

Life Insurance Blood Test FAQs

When you’re applying for life insurance, it can be a scary process. A lot of applicants are worried that they will do something incorrectly or that there will be some hidden pre-existing condition that pops up. One of the parts of the application process that we get the most questions about is the life insurance […]

Understanding The 2 Year Contestability Period

You may have heard before that if you insure yourself for life insurance and die within a two-year period of the policy being open, that the insurance company can decline to pay your beneficiaries. This is completely true, and is known as the Two Year Contestability Period. This is a form of “insurance” for the […]

when to buy life insurance

When Should I Buy Life Insurance?

Every year, we hear the same question “when should I buy life insurance?” It’s vital that you have life insurance when you need it, but you can’t predict the future, so how are you supposed to decide when to apply for a life insurance plan. Most consumers put off buying life insurance until there is […]

how long do i need life insurance

How Long Do I Need Life Insurance?

There are several different components that go into purchasing life insurance from the most popular life insurance companies. One of the most important parts is the length of the plan that you’re going to buy. We get this question all the time.  This isn’t a “one size fits all” answer, it’s different for everyone. We […]

denied life insurance claim

Can A Life Insurance Company Deny a Death Claim?

If you’re going to rely on the life insurance company to take care of your family financially when you’re not around anymore, then you want to make darn sure they will pay. There are only 2 reasons why a life insurance company WILL NOT pay a death claim: 1.  Life Insurance Suicide Clause.  If you […]

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