Cincinnati Life getting aggressive with underwriting

Cincinnati Life is one of the lesser known companies to consumers, but to agents they are very well known and very respected.

You won’t see them offered by the big life insurance call centers you see on TV and I respect them for that.  In fact, it’s hard for independent agents to even get a contract with them. 
So you’ve probably never heard of Cincinnati Life because your agent isn’t able to offer them and therefore won’t even consider their rates.

If you’re in great health, Cincinnati Life should be on your list of carriers to look at.  They are an elite life insurance company with the best customer service, best conversion options and among the most financially sound companies in our industry.

They are continuing to evolve and recently updated some of their underwriting guidelines in favor of the consumer.  Their February 2012 underwriting improvements made cholesterol and family history underwriting a little more liberal.  Every month they are improving their product in some way.

Keep in mind that Cincinnati Life is a very conservative company in regards to their underwriting.  If you are one of the lucky one’s who are very healthy, they will reward you with some of the best rates on the market with the best conversion options around.

If you’re in great health, please contact our team at to consider rates from Cincinnati Life.  Chances are, your current agent doesn’t have access to them.

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