Cavalcade of Risk #210

Bonjour!  This Cavalcade is coming to you all the way across the pond from France.  Have we had an international Cavalcade yet?

Also, they say the 3rd times a charm right?  This is my 3rd time hosting the Cavalcade of Risk (round-up of risk and insurance related articles from bloggers), so lets see what we’ve got for this edition:

Jason Fisher from Waterway Financial Group wrote an article about life insurance with Paget’s Disease and how it affects both rating and premium for life insurance. While it only affects 1% of older adults, it can become a big concern for those who are trying to obtain affordable coverage.

InsureBlog’s Henry Stern reports on Farmers Insurance company’s dubious efforts to dodge some major claims based on “climate change.”  Check out the article here: Ballsy Insurance Carrier Trick.

Michael Stack from Workers Comp Roundup writes What is Your Workers Compensation Claim Worth? because risk managers frequently ask “what is the claim worth” when trying to get an idea of the long term cost of a severe injury. A competent workers’ compensation adjuster will only provide a dollar range, not an exact value, as the final cost of a major injury is often not known until the claim is totally concluded, which can be years in the future.

Think the individual enrollment wars are over? Jaan Sidorov, over at the Population Health Blog, notes that we’ve only just begun in his article Looking Forward to the Second Enrollment Wave of ObamaCare. That’s because the second open enrollment season is only 5 months away. Jaan looks at a recent Health Affairs article on the topic and provides a useful preview of the good, the bad and potentially ugly of what could happen.

From the Health Business Blog, David Williams, writes Should You Trust Your Doctor More Than Wikipedia?  A new study says it’s risky to reply on Wikipedia for medical advice since 9 of 10 articles on the top medical conditions have errors. The implication: trust your doctor instead. But the study’s methodology is unimpressive and doesn’t actually compare doctors to Wikipedia.

On our site we did a full out Primerica (Prime America) Term Life Insurance Review.  Learn the good, bad and ugly of what that particular life insurance company brings to the table.

Jason Shafrin from Healthcare Economist writes about Brazils Healthcare System: The World Cup Edits. The World Cup starts June 12. Most people are focusing on soccer (or football) in Brazil, but what about their health care system? The Healthcare Economist provides an overview.

That’s it for this edition.  Some great articles you should check out.

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